Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend round-up

My daughter had a fantastic time at the girl scout Father/Daughter dance.  My hubby said that at first she didn't want to stay but once she found a friend she was out on the dance floor and didn't want to leave!  I'm so glad she ended up having a great time.  She always has a hard tme at first in new situations but give her 10-15 minutes and she's a whole different child.  They even took a picture of each father/daughter so I'll be putting ours in a scrapbook.
I don't know where Saturday went.  I was able to relax in bed for a bit while the kids played (mostly) nicely and quietly.  Then we had yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast before heading out to pick up my stepdaughter.  She entertainted the kids most of the afternoon.  I apprecated that so much.  At 4pm  my daughter and I headed out with a friend and her daughter to her first ice skating clinic.  She had a great time and even got to skate with the older girls since she was in one of the higher level classes.  She learned her first jump and landed it.  Yipee!  I'm so proud of her.
Sunday brought rain all day.  We spent the morning at the rink.  It was my son's turn this time.  We watched him play goalie and he did good.  Then it was off to Target for new sneakers for my son and I.  We splurged and had lunch out before heading home for a nice relaxing afternoon/evening.  We vegged in front of the tv watching the movie Blindside and eating popcorn.  It was a fantastic movie.  I totally understand why it got rave reviews. 
Now it's Monday night.  My day has been once again non-stop.  I got the kids up and ready for school.  I even squeezed in a quick shower, trusting the kids not to kill each other.  After dropping the kids at school I had time for a quick cup of tea before heading off to my primary care doctor.  She reviewed what's been going on with my neck and left shoulder the last few weeks.  I filled her in on what my lawyer needed and she easily agreed.  It's nice having such a wonderful and understanding doctor who just has your best interests at heart.  I had just enough time after that to run to the grocery store and home to put stuff away before physical therapy.  I'm hoping it will help strengthen my neck muscles.  I'm running out of hope.  I think it'll get better but never be fully better.  Sigh.  The day is now closing to an end.  The kids are tucked into bed sleeping and hubby is in the shower.  Bed is calling.  Night!

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