Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too much to do, so little time!

Stop the Earth...I want to get off!  Is it just me or is today's life getting busier and busier?  I know it's not just me.  The American culture today just seems to go at a break neck speed and if you can't keep up then your trampled on.  By that I think you feel used up, stressed out and ready for a breakdown.  Let's be honest here...most of us feel this exact way.  If we don't hang on for dear life our life will run away out of contol, leaving us on the floor. 

I can honestly say that I'm right at that point most days.  And that is sad, considering that I was working a full time job up until 6 months ago.  Before that, 3 1/2 years ago, I had a fast paced salaried job where I was rarely home for my two small children (newborn and 2 yrs old).  Looking back, I wonder how I made it through any of that time.  I'm going insane what's on my plate right now.  I guess, when push comes to shove you do what you got to do.  The question is, why has it come to this?  It's no wonder that heart disease is a serious issue in the U.S. When "we" (corporate america?) decided that people needed to start becoming more time efficient everything went out the window.
There is a limit to how efficient we can be.  The constant strain on our minds and bodies to push further is effectively deteriorating our body and slowly killing us.  The stress alone is tremendous!  I stepped down from my salary position because I couldn't keep up mentally, physically or emotional with the constant needs of my job.  On top of that  I had all the demands of my young children at home. 
I love working, don't get me wrong, but our children need a constant, stable parenting model at home.  I don't care if it's mom, dad or another adult living within the household.  I don't think that homemakers are given enough positive credit.  They work hard and I wish they could collect a govenment stippen.  I think children in these homes with responsible role models have more going for them where both their parents are under tremendous pressure at work and rarely home during daylight hours.  Yes, I know there are many people sitting at home right now collecting government money, not willing to work and could care less about their children running wild and getting into trouble.  These are not the people I am talking about.  I think have a parent at home is such a positive thing for our children.  They learn their limits and are accountable for their actions.  Also, the rules are the rules and they aren't getting told different rules by different people (babysitters, etc). It helps create consistancy which is badly lacking in today's families.
I'm heading back to work shortly.  I'm assuming it will be within the next 6-8 weeks.  My mother and father will be the ones that will help my children get ready for school in the morning once again.  I am lucky to have their help.  I can only hope and pray that they will willingly stick to the rules and routines I have set up for school days. 
I am going to have fun readjusting back to the old juggling act.  I didn't miss it and to be honest, I am juggling a lot right now without work.  I have doctor's visits, physical therapy and a whole bunch of other things to keep me running.
I am so happy I've had this time with my children.  I hope I will remember to take the time and slow down so I can enjoy it.  I can honestly say that I am a person that stresses under pressure.  I wasn't like this before I had children.  It wasn't so hard for me to juggle my personal and professional life, such as it was.  Children change everything.  It is so much better now but it's hard to say no to anything.  I am trying to breathe easier and stick to my mantra that family comes first.  If I can do that and not let the little things get to me, then I think I'll be ok.

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