Monday, April 05, 2010

Back to school today

I feel bad that I haven't blogged in days.  I wanted to blog a few blurbs from my phone but it doesn't seem to be liking me right now.  :(    I had to take the kids out and keep them busy or they would have driven me nuts before killing each other.  I some of my hair turned grey and some fell out, but I survived! 
This morning is actually quite peaceful for a school day.  Hope I'm not jinxing myself.  Oops..maybe I did.  My daughter just yelled at my son.  Please...shhhhh, I want to enjoy the tranquility of it all.  lol
We did Easter on a budget this year since I'm out on workman's comp.  I'm barely getting anything from them.  It's definitely getting tight.  I think the kids still enjoyed the holiday.  The only thing they missed was getting a plush animal on their bed or on their basket.  They'll live, plus I wouldn't mind weaning them off the dust collectors.   The kids will sleep with them and then as they get another the new one gets delegated to the bottom of the bed with the rest of the discarded animals (except for that one special one that will always have an honored place at the top of the bed).
Their Easter basket had two spring/suummer outfits (that was the "big" ticket items), a little chocolate, pencils, a journal, activity pad, sidewalk chalk and a few dollar toys.  At our house the Easter Bunny hides not only the plastic eggs, but also the decorate hard boiled eggs, big chocolate bunnies and the Easter baskets!  Next year I think I might write out clues to the where abouts of the bunnies and baskets since my youngest will be able to read simple clues next year.  Yeah!
The kids did 6 Easter egg hunts ovefr 2 days.  We went out to a farm on Saturday where they did 4 egg hunts throughout the day.  The kids participated in two and had a wonderful time.  We met up with a friend and her daughter.  They got to run around and burn off lots of energy, look at the farm animals (such cute bunnies and chickies!), sand art, gem mining and more.
Saturday and Easter Sunday beat me up!  We colored eggs on Saturday night with Daddy .  The kids really needed that quality time with him.  He had to work Saturday which made it extra hard on all of us, but we made it through.  While he entertained the kids I spent from 7:30-8:30 making the Easter baskets and filling some of the eggs.  He tried to stay up to help me later but he had been awake since 2 am since his store had a food inventory that morning.
I finally got the kids down at 9:30 and asleep by 10 or so.  My son had so much trouble falling asleep.  Poor kid.  I finished filling the eggs and hiding them by 1:00.  I don't hide all of them in the house so I left the outside ones for later.  I really missed having my stepdaughter this year...she's such a help and we have lots of fun hiding everything.  I crawled into bed about 1:30 only to be awoken at 3 by my son.  He saw an egg and wanted to go looking.  I told him he had to wait.  Poor boy.  I don't think he fell back asleep until close to 4.  I know because I was wide awake and achy until after 4:30. 
My daughter amazingly enough was up by 7:30 so she crawled in bed with us until 8.  I'm proud of her because I know she wanted to get started but I told her that she had to wait because her brother was still sleeping.  He's normally up first but I think him waking in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep really hit him hard.
Once the kids were up they hunted all the eggs in the house.  Those were filled with chocolate and stickers.  I don't like to hide the candy ones outside because of the animals and the weather (don't want it to meilt!).  The outside ones get filled with coins, stickers and sometimes small toys.  They also found their big bunnies.  I'll have to post a picture of my daughter's's a good laugh.  After all that hunting they ate, dressed in their Sunday best and then headed off to church with grandpa.  Too bad hubby had to drive up to work for a few hours because the manager that orders on Sunday was out of the town for the holidays.  Good thing he remembered, I'll be it at 8 am.   So, while the house was quiet I ran around like a mad woman doing last minute things I normally would've done a day or two before the holiday.  I started the ham.  I vacuumed, swept and mopped the WHOLE house...except the bedrooms.  Then I made the fruit salad and strawberry shortcake.  Then I did all the dishes leftover from dinner the night before (hubby told me to leave them or else!).  Then I made the glaze for the ham, appetizers, and the sweet potatoes.  Then I got the call that grandpa and the kids where heading home from church and the Easter egg hunt there.  I panicked, realizing that I still had to get the eggs hidden outside.  So, I ran around doing that while hubby vegged out on the couch watching a hockey game.  I was stressed to the max but he did deserve to have some down time, especially since he had gotten home only 30 minutes before that.  Thank God I also realized that I had forgotten to hide the baskets.  I accomplished that about 10 minutes before they walked in the door. 
The kids were hyped up from egg hunting and so excited to show us everything they got.  As they wound down, I glazed the ham and jumped in for a quick (10 minutes) shower.
It was a fantastic day that flew by.  The kids hunted eggs at Grandma's and Grandpa's and outside our house.  The day was packed. I'm sad it's over but glad at the same time.  We wound down in front of the tv, watching the movie High School Musical 3 on Disney.  The kilds were in bed by 9, asleep before 9:30.  I finally put my feet up and chilled while watching the end of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
This morning came way too quick.  I was awake by 6.  Ugh!  I'm still amazed at how well the kids woke up this morning.  I truly thought it would be a huge fight.  They barely even all!!!
Now, its 10:15 and the kids are in school.  I'm finishing up this post, grabbing a bite to eat and excitedly waiting for my brother to show up.  He's visiting from out of town.  He only shared this with's a huge secret.  I know my parents will love it.  I just hope that no one feels put out that they weren't told.  I know it would annoy me a bit because I'm a planner. lol
I'm off..more coffee, some fruit and a blueberry scone.  YUM!

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