Monday, November 07, 2011

Belated Pumpkin Picking Post

Between the new job and juggling the kids activities and such I'm late on my pumpkin picking post but I wasn't going to be deterred so here it is!

Every year we go to a local farm during the fall to enjoy a day of outdoor fun.  Most of the time we go twice.  Once we do apple picking (mid to late September) and then we go pumpkin picking (early October).  This year we went apple picking early because I knew it was just knew it was going to be a crazy month full of rain....and I was right.  We ended up going pumpkin picking late for the same reason.  The important thing is we continued our family tradition and had fun doing it!

First we went to the animal area.  There were pigs, cows, chickens, roosters, turkeys and more. 

Then we headed over the the petting zoo area.  We got some food to feed the goats, lamas and piggies.  This was a big area the kids could walk around in.  The first area was just 5 or 6 pens of animals to look at but not really touch.

My daughter really like the three little pigs.  She was rubbing them and cooing at them.  She made the mistake of getting to close and they actually knocked her down and started nibbling on her fingers.  I called them the three devil pigs.  My daughter loved them though. 

We also enjoyed a hay maze and a corn maze.  The corn maze was huge and we had a lot of fun weaving through the various paths.  My kids made friends with two of the farm dogs and one followed us around for a good half hour as we meandered around the corn stalks.  The kids wanted to take him home.

Because of all the rain there weren't many pumpkins to choose from but we had a fun time looking for the perfect ones.

The "road" leading back to the pumpkin fields were more mud holes than anything.  I'm amazed the tractor didn't get stuck.  Here's a picture of the tractor tire in the deep mud.

We had a wonderful day out.  My daughter also enjoyed the bounce house and face painting.  Goalieboy (now 9) claims he is too old for that kind of stuff.  It makes me a little sad and nostalgic.

However, he did have fun playing with the pumpkins after we got home. 

We let our kids decide on their own lack-o-lantern design.  My son drew his out and cut it all by himself this year.  I think he did a great job working by himself.  I cut the top and helped scoop the guts.  Daddy helps Little Bee and she likes to do things totally freestyle.  He just helped guide her hand.  She wanted to put extra holes (for ears & stuff) but he convinced her otherwise. 

The finished product.  Little Bee's is the smaller pumpkin and Goalieboy's is the bigger more menacing one.

***Fall is my favorite time of year!  Here are some pasts posts about fall...Fall....the Best Season of All and Perfect Cool Fall Day.


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