Monday, November 28, 2011

Shake My Head Monday

I'm sure you've had those moments where the only way you can respond to a situation is to just shake your head. Or roll your eyes. I have to admit to doing both...numerous times throughout my day. I've decided to dedicate today's post to things that made me shake my head today. I may even make it a weekly installment, so if you like it join in and share what made you shake your, this week, whenever.

Today I owe credit to my husband for making me shake my head. He was off from both jobs today; I love having him home. My only problem is that he disrupted the flow and routine of a school morning. And as it's extra hard to get back into the routine on the Monday after almost a week off from school. How did he earn the "shake my head award" you ask?  Here's how...

I woke up late after a restless night full of an aching back and shoulder. I turned the kids lights on and headed for the shower after asking the hubby to make sure they got up, dressed and ate breakfast. Not much to ask plus it's our regular week day morning routine.  No surprise there for the kids.

As I'm closing the bathroom door I hear him tell the kids to get dressed and come into our room to lay with him. What?!  No!  We're running late. Snuggle time must wait until after breakfast and teeth brushing, if there's time. I hate sounding like a grinch but if we don't stick to the routine then they're lost and running behind. Ugh!

I opened the door and kindly reminded him we were behind and snuggling would have to wait. I heard him grumble but what was I to do? That earned him the first eye roll and head shake.

It was eerily quiet when I came out of the bathroom. Could it be the kids actually made it downstairs?  I cringed and prayed they weren't still asleep in bed. A peek into the rooms showed empty beds. Yippee! But still, it was too quiet.

I made my way downstairs to find them all laying down on the couches. Claims were made that breakfast had been eaten. Seems we we're out of milk so Little Bee had dry cereal and Goalieboy had a hot pocket (not the breakfast kind). Sigh. I guess it was too much to ask for him to cook eggs, frozen waffles or oatmeal. Somehow I kept myself from beating my head on the wall. I repeated to least they ate something. I definitely did the "shake my head" thing then.

As I was running out the door  promises were made that the garbage would be taken out, the bathroom cleaned and the last load of laundry finished for me before I came home. I admit I wasn't a believer. Good thing because I would've been disappointed.  Garbage wasn't take out until 6:30, laundry just made it into the dryer and the bathroom hasn't been touch though he swore at 3 o'clock he was going to do it. It's almost 8:30 and I'm realistic. It's not happening. So now the bathroom goes on my to do list (as usual).  Hopefully I can clean it after work tomorrow. Sigh. So I'll shake my head one last time and concentrate on the positives.  The kids got to school on time, he picked them both up after school/girl scouts, took out the garbage and attempted to finish a load of laundry. 

So, what's happened lately to make you shake your head...and maybe add an eye roll too?

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