Friday, November 04, 2011

Thankful Friday #3

Thankful Friday is here once again!  I missed last week because I was running around crazy trying to prepare for a possible wild October snowstorm.  Boy I'm glad I did!  We got about a foot of heavy, wet snow that took down power lines and tree limbs leaving thousands in the dark!  I plan on posting about that soon but for now, on to Thankful Friday!

1,  So very thankful to have power restored.  I love heat, lights and hot water!

2.  Being able to get my son a new winter coat and both kids snow boots right before the storm hit.

3.  Great friends who offered to help with showering and laundry needs if need be.

4.  Grateful we were only without electric for 32 (very cold) hours.  There are still thousands of homes on the
     East Coast in the dark.

5.  Happy to have a roof over my family's heads, food in our bellies and clothes on our backs.

6.  The sun is shinning and amazingly most of the snow has melted!

7.  The kids had a great time trick or treating even though it was cold and snowy (post to follow).

8.  Missing hubby since he has been working hard at his two jobs this week and will be out of town from today
     until Sunday morning.  However, I'm excited to use the time after the kids go to be to catch up on my reading
     and blogging.

What are you thankful for this week?

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