Monday, September 03, 2012

Preview of My Week to Come...Big Changes

As I sit on the couch I stare at my phone contemplating and planning my roller coaster week ahead.

Today includes a possible play date at the park if it doesn't rain.  Maybe some grilled hot dogs.  I'll also be helping the hubby pack for his flight back to Carolina early tomorrow. I'm prepared to be overcome once again with utter sorrow and the comforting of two school age children.

Tuesday will bring daddy's flight sway from us.  It also brings summer to a final end as the kids start school Wednesday. There will be the checking of book bags. The planning and packing of lunches. Lots of tears as we will be missing daddy and have mixed emotions about the first day of school. Hopefully bedtime won't be dramatic but I fear that's a given at this point.

Wednesday I won't be ready to let go. I will be sobbing on the walk home where I will continue to pack up our house for the big move.  After school will be filled with first day of school tales, snacks, dinner, showers abs cuddles.  Once the kids go to bed I'll decide if I should put my feet up or continue packing.

Thursday will be the second day of school and more packing. I'll tuck the kids into bed at night and then pack my bag for an early flight out of Newark.

Friday by 9 I'll be in Carolina with the hubby looking at houses until Sunday afternoon before flying back to my kids.  I'm so glad my parents will be able to take care if my kids while I'm gone for the weekend.

Lots of change going on here. More than my internal anxiety can handle most days but I keep tapping it down.  Hope I can keep it under control and get through the coming weeks of uncertainty and upheaval.

One step at a time....