Monday, January 24, 2011

I swear my husband has multiple personalities

This morning:
Husband comes downstairs and sits down on the love seat.  I'm sitting on the other couch.  Five minutes later. DH: "Honey, why don't you want to sit with me?"  Me: "I'd love to sit with you.  Why didn't you just come over here and sit?"  He mutters something and  stays where he is. I just want to roll my eyes.  This can be an ongoing conversation some days.  After this, he goes out and warms up my van so he can take the kids to school.  He comes back in and sits back down on the love seat.  When he returns from school he once again sits on the love seat and complains how I never want to be next to him.  Get the picture?  Dramatic much? 
I've felt under the weather since the nasty virus ran through our house last week.  My sinuses have been so plugged that I've had a headache plus uncontrollable nasal gushing.  Sorry, TMI but had to be shared to make point.  He says he wants to spend time with me doing something today.  I'd love to, as we rarely get these days together but I don't want to go out anywhere.  I feel crappy and just want to relax at home.   He felt the same way last week when he was struck down with the virus.  I totally understood and waited on him hand and foot. He mutters some more.  Then he decides today is the day he must go to Radio Shack to see what they can do about my non-working e-reader.  I suck it up and offer to go with him.  In return I get, "No, it's ok.  Stay home.  I know you need to relax so you can feel better sooner."  What the heck?  I just got hell for that.  And he wasn't being sarcastic about it.  I don't get it.
Yesterday, he told me that he was going to do the laundry since it's been piling up from sick week and he didn't want me to have to worry about it.  He literally got one load into the wash.  It sat there for hours.  Then, since he was taking our daughter to skating he says to me...."Honey, I started the laundry, can you finish it up for me.  I know that will be easier than taking Little Bee to the rink."  Seriously?  Um, ok.
These are just a few examples of his "multiple" personalities.  I don't get it.  Love him to death, but will never figure out how  he thinks.
Does your man do this?  Please tell me I'm not alone or I may just think he really is crazy.


Carmen said...

LOL you are not alone! My hubby does that. I feel like it is all on his time, his way. He gets sick, he takes a day off. I get sick I still have to cook, clean and take dd to school at noon. If its the weekend he complains because he wants to sleep and he is tired but I still have to get up and do the daily grind. I don't get it either

Gossip Mom said...

Mine is the same way!

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Thank you guys! I'm glad your men our the same way. I always wondered if I was the only lucky one.