Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dish Disaster

Does your significant other ever offer to help you clear the table after you eat?  It's a rare treat in my house.  I like to grab the opportunity when its presented.  However, this is what I usually see when I return to the kitchen.  Most of the dishes are not rinsed off and just thrown haphazardly into a pile or into the sink.  This particular time I was told to leave the pots and pans and he'd take care of them.  Usually I clean them up before I sit down to eat.  This way they're done and I don't have to look at them afterwards.

 I came back into the kitchen and seen the above right before I was going to bed.  I couldn't sleep with it looking that way and I didn't have the energy to wash them.  Our dishwasher has been broke since May of 2009.  So, I spent 10 minutes rinsing and stacking them.  Look at how much nicer they look.  I still wasn't happy to see them the next morning but at least I didn't cry at the sight of them.


Jessica D Torres said...

At nights when I am at school my husband cooks and does the dishes. Usually, I come home and find pots on the stove full of water because they are "soaking." I hate the term soaking, just put some hot water in the pot, get a sponge, and clean it. Hope you get your dishwasher fixed soon!

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Thanks Jessica. I hate the term "soaking' too. The disher was has been broken for almost 2 years. It happened on Mother's Day 2009. Nice present right? At this point I'm pushing for a new one.