Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laundry Mayhem....What will I find today?

Like most people, I'm not a fan of laundry.  Honestly, I try to avoid it as long as I can.  I usually do it once the laundry bins in our rooms are full.  Hubby tries to be helpful and does it some Sundays when he's off.  Warning the term "helpful" is somewhat deceiving.  As I have neck problems he will carry the basket from upstairs to the basement.  Only our(mineand his) laundry most of the time.  I guess he feels that the kids dirty clothes either don't exist in his world or they're not his territory.  I've given up trying to figure his "reasoning" out. Anyways, he'll bring the overflowing basket down and cram as much as he can into the washer.  It usually ends up being 2 or 3 loads.  After it's sat for a good few hours in the wash he'll wander downstairs and move it to the dryer.  Then he'll toss it willy nilly into the basket and bring it to the living room.  He does not empty the lint filter.  EVER.  And there his job is done.  In his mind he has "done" the laundry.  He doesn't fold it or put it away.  I am lucky that if I ask him (numerous times) to bring the heavy basket upstairs he'll do it.  At this point it is bedtime.  Are most husbands wired to "do the laundry" this way?  I do remind myself to be grateful that he does even part of it.  Something is always better than nothing.
He's been sick since Saturday night and our laundry basket is overflowing.  All the pants I like to wear are dirty.  Almost all my socks are gone.  I very carefully dragged the basket across the floor and banged it down the stairs to the first floor.  Then I proceed to separate my clothes from his since I refuse to wear anymore of the pants I hate.  Maybe I'll willing wear them once I drop 10 lbs, but that's another story. 
It's so much fun sorting the laundry because his clothes are always tucked inside themselves and balled up. I actually found two sets of socks that were doubled up.  All waded up.  That would have been a nasty undried mess coming out of the dryer.  Also, I have to check all his pockets because there's always something in them.  I could be rich with all the coin he leaves behind in them. Today I found money and lip balm. This isn't bad.  I've found a whole pocketful of coins before, chapstick, receipts, paperwork, business cards, pens, a parking ticket, candy bar.  You get the picture...
When does it stop...the looking in other peoples clothes before you wash them?  I understand the kids, but why an adult?  But after the crayon incident, I try to check them.  Most of the time I just pat them down orquickly and send a quick prayer.
I carried my clothes down to the basement and now they are happily washing away.  Most of our bedding is in the dryer.  I am trying to de-germ it.  Hubby is curled up in the center of our bed with a comforter that I will wash once he gets up and I put the fresh sheets and blankets back on the bed.  Once he's fully better I will repeat the process.  Since I'm a wonderful wife, I'll wash, dry and fold his clothes next.


Jessica D Torres said...

My husband has offered to do the laundry but honestly I will not let him. His idea of doing the laundry is not the same as mine. I sort the clothes, check the pockets, fold, and hang the clothes up. He does not. While I appreciate his offering I would much rather do it myself. I do however let him carry it up and down the stairs. I do LOVE finding money in the laundry, it feels like I got paid for my work.

Kathy (p/t writer, f/t mom) said...

My kids do their own laundry starting Grade 5. They now jockey to do so, cuz only excuse to watch TV "and fold." It's a story, i'll blog about it later.
Fav laundry story:
HSB complains no cleanclothes/underwear.
WIFE: takes his undies and tosses them in dryer w bounce sheet. Again and again and again. Refolds his dirty clothes. Takes him weeks to notice.
Now does his own laundry! As he should, it's not 1955.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Jessica-I'm with you on liking to do it myself. However, this seems to be the only thing he does around the house all week, except maybe dishes once in a blue moon. So I guess I'll take what I can get.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Kathy-Your story had me laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing. I did start to teach my 8 year old son how to do laundry. I won't let him do it without supervision yet. He is responsible for putting it away in his drawers and I'm scared some days to peek inside them. But at least they're out of my sight. I like the idea of rewarding laundry with tv.