Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful Friday #3

I'm a day late with getting my Thankful Friday post up. Eek!  But it's here.

Things I'm thankful for:

•  My family

•  Having a job...liking it is bonus

•  Fabulous coworkers

•  A quick and divine go to peanut butter brownie recipe (everyone needs chocolate and peanut butter!).

•  Kisses, hugs and family snuggles

•  Self sufficient children who get there own breakfast on Saturdays so mom can dream she's sleeping in bed (not lying awake listening to her crazy kids and smiling).

•  Friends who call out of the blue and say it's been too long and they miss you.  This made me feel amazing.  You should totally be the friend that makes this call.

•  Paying the Direct Tv bill after it was only shut off for a few hours.  Last time it was something like two weeks.  Let's be honest, I can totally live without tv but it does provide sanity.  I limit the kids tv watching but they love their shows and I can get things done during that time without interruption.

•  Being able to sleep next to my husband every night. He works a lot of hours but we get a few hours each night to sleep together.  I cherish this time.

There's so much more I'm thankful for but these are the highlights.

What are you thankful for?

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All Things Yummy said...

I'm thankful for rainy Sundays with nothing to do but be at home in my jammies.