Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Weekend Without My Husband

What a long weekend full if juggling for me and it's finally almost over!

Hubby has been gone more than home this week. He worked late Tuesday and Wednesday (10:30). Then he was out of town Friday until today for a work related weekend. I'm so tired.

Friday I made dinner and took the kids grocery shopping with me after getting them from school. You think I would learn that shopping is only productive sans kids. Nope. They begged for everything and fought with each other. They did settle down after a few threats of severe punishment. After getting home I entertained them with games, movies and snacks. I had it in my head I would put them to bed by 9:30 and then relax with a book and a glass of wine. That didn't happen. I was mentally too exhausted.

Saturday we had an early morning soccer game on 38 degree weather. I froze my butt off as did my daughter. Thankfully it was the last game of the season. Then we ran errands, I made lunch and started laundry. Then it was off to the hockey rink an hour and 15 minutes away for my son's game. I froze there too. We didn't get home until around 8:45 after leaving the house at 3:30. Good news is his team played solid, he made a lot of saves and they won their first game.

I finished up the laundry in the washer and dryer while the kids showered, watched a couple shows on Disney and had a snack. I was ready to drop.

I didn't sleep most of the night. My sinuses acted up, I was itchy all over (still have no idea why) and my rotator cup was killing me. Too bad I couldn't actually enjoy that extra hour we got.

I shipped the kids off to church with grandpa this morning. While they were there I finished two more loads of laundry, tidied up, did dishes and swept and mopped.

Relieved hubby is now home. He's offered to "watch" the kids so I can relax (aka attempt a short nap). I won't say no. I'm beat and still need to cook dinner tonight, set out clothes/school things and pack lunches. I'm beat. I know I've mentioned that but I feel the need to repeat it.

I can honestly say I didn't have a boring weekend. Lots of juggling here. How was your weekend? Did you relax and kick back or run around?

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