Thursday, April 01, 2010

Great day out and about...

The air was still a bit brisk and the sky overcast, but all and all the kids and I spent a wonderful day out yesterday.  First off, the kids were awake before I was coherent and ready to move from my bed.  Rather than wake me up fully they tipped downstairs.  My son first and then my daughter.  They spoke quietly, watched tv and ate breakfast together.  All the while making an effort to get along and play nice.  It warmed my heart to listen to them.  I don't think they even knew I was awake, snuggled in my warm bed, listening with a smile on my face.  I knew part of the reason for the truce fire was the deal we had made the day before.  The agreement was that they treated each other and me with respect for that day and the next so they would earn a fun day out.  They held up their part of the deal (well, as much as a 5 and 7 year old can).  I am very proud of them.  They proved to me and themselves that they can do it if they try hard and put their mind to it.
We went to the Chinese buffet by the movie theater.  My daughter ate real well.  I was so proud of the new things she tried.  My son, didn't fare as well, but that's ok.
We saw the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon".  I have to say we all loved it!  I think the story line was thought provoking, well written and child friendly.  The animation was wonderful too...pulled you right in.  We saw it in 3-D.  A definite treat.  Once we got past the whole glasses thing not fitting comfortably, that is.  But, it was worth the discomfort.
The story line was typical in many was as the main character, Hiccup, didn't seem to fit in with those around him.  I like this story line however as I think it's important for kids to identify that it's ok to be different and to accept those that are not the same as themselves.  The themes in it were great.  Defeinitely a must see. 
After the movie, we took a trip to the grocery store.  That was an interesting trip.  My veggie hating son and I made a pact....we go shopping together and he picks out one new veggie he will help cook and then try.  Since they were being so good, I also agreed to let them use the scan gun the store has to scan and bag your groceries as you go.  They loved that!  Plus, the store finally enables you to weigh and label your fruits and veggies.  This made the task of picking out a veggie fun for my son.  He ended up picking Artichokes and Asparagus to my surprise.  He reason when I asked was that his favorite color was green!  lol 
I've never cooked artichokes and attempted asparagus once.  We made artichoke last night.  We steamed it with butter and slivers of garlic.  It was ok.  Not something we would probably have too often.  But he did try it and actually ate it.  I'm so very proud!  Tonight we made the asparagus.  I think they went over better.  I'm going to try them again next month.  Yeah!  I'm so thrillled!!
The rest of the day seemed to fly by for the most part.  I'm amazed that Easter is in three days and that school starts back the following day.  I'm happy and sad at the same time.  My dad took them for a walk in the late morning.  They spent the rest of the day drawing dragons and playing in the backyard.
Tomorrow, I will boil the eggs so we can decorate them tomorrow afternoon.  They are always so excited for that.  Can't wait!

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