Monday, April 05, 2010


My brother surprised the family with a visit today.  I'm the only one he told about it and I had to keep the secret.  Man, it's been so hard.  I told him that he better not tell anyone I knew or they'll be heck to pay. 
I was very happy to see him stroll in the door.  The nice thing is that he seems to always seems to feel at home here when he comes to visit.  The bad thing is....he feels too at home sometimes.    Does that make sense? 
He came in and walked aimlessly looking here and there.  I could tell he was tired from the long 6  hour drive and waking up at 4 am.  I was surprised he hadn't gone to see my parents first and surprise them.  It's weird, but as much as we love my parents it's one of those distance makes the relationship better.  Honestly, I think my whole family works on this theory.  I love them all tons and tons but when we're close I feel we are in each other's pocket.  I think this comes from my parents living with us for 5 years!  It was extemely tough emotionally and financially.  I will share more of that story one day.  Now, they are next door.  Close by without living in our house.  A bit more space would be nice but I know we have it good with them so close.  I can't imagine them being hours away.  Anyway, when we all get together we tend to get too comfortable and grate on one another.  My brother has no problems walking through our house with his shoes on, even though he knows that the house rule is shoes off at the door.  He plops himself on the loveseat and sprawls out with his feet hanging over one of the arms.  Grrrrr!  I bite my tongue because I'm truly glad he is here for a visit.
Finally, afrter chilling for almost an hour he goes next door to let my mom know he is here for a visit.  He definitely surprised her!  She was shaking so hard I'm surprised she didn't pass out or hyperventilate.  I'm glad he came to visit but I think it's better to notify someone that you are coming into town to see them, especially if you're expecting them to put you up while you visit.  We had a quiet lunch before he went up to nap in my daughters room and I took a mini nap on the couch.
My kids were at school when he drove into town.  We had planned for him to walk to the school with me so he could surprise them there.  However, my dad had other plans.  My dad's the type that he expects everyone to drop what they're doing and do what he says, when he says it.  He decided that my brother was going for a walk with him.  It put my brother in a awkward position.  I told him to go ahead and go but it wasn't right.  The kids were very excited when they did get to see him.  I'm glad he could make their day.
Now it's late, the kiddies and the hubby is in bed asleep.  My brother is over at my parents house doing whatever he's doing.  I never know.  He is like the invisitble man, flitting here and there.  He was here for a bit before disappearing next door.  I thought he was coming back but that didn't happen.  Oh well tomorrow's another day....

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