Thursday, June 02, 2011

What do you do when it's just too hot?!

Answer:  Get out of the kitchen and out of the house!

The weather was crazy HOT and HUMID!  The thermostat read 90 and the heat index was pushing 100.   Crazy for the first day of June in NY.  I had actually considered keeping the kids home from school because there is no air conditioning in the building except for the office and nurse.  Ugh!  My  daughter's classroom is on the 3rd floor and she said they had 4 fans running and it was still burning hot.  The nurse called me at noon to say Little Bee came up from lunch with a tummy ache.  We both agree it was probably from the heat so I brought her home. We spent the afternoon watching videos in my air conditioned bedroom.  Hubby has yet to put the one in downstairs.  It's heavy and takes two able bodied adults to put it in.  He'll have to wait until Sunday when him and my dad are both available.  Too bad my dad has little patience and will become frustrated within minutes and cursing a blue streak.  I'll have to take the kids out back while they do it.
After we got Goalie boy from school I had them do their homework in the kitchen under the fan.  Then I had them play up in their air conditioned rooms. They both begged to go outside but the air was too hot and the humidity so high that it was hard to breath.  Too top it off our area was under a tornado watch from noon until 8 pm.  I hate even the treat of a possible tornado.  I'll take a snow storm any day.  We dealt with enough nasty ones of the past few years to be prepared and at least I'm fairly certain our house will be in one piece once it's over.
My honey came home from work at 5.   A record as of late. He didn't stay over and he didn't have to work at the second job he had to pick up.  He came home hot, sweaty and exhausted.  He immediately went up to our room to lay in bed and cool off.  15 minutes later he's like..."It's too damn hot and nasty in this house.  We're going out to eat."  As usual, my concern is finances.  "Honey, we can't afford to eat out."  So, we compromised and I went to hunt down which area restaurant was doing a "Kids Eat Free" deal.
Perkins was our winner.  It's within our measly budget, has breakfast, lunch and dinner choices, Kids Eat Free Monday thru Thursday and the kids get a cookie with their meal.  Definitely a win win.
We drove the 15 minutes to Perkins.  It was a busy night.  I guess everyone had the same idea as us.  However, there was no wait and we were seated promptly.  The hostess was nice and even made sure the kids got different color crayons so they could share.  A woman after my own heart!  The only downfall, for us adults, was that the clown was there.  The Perkins near us has a clown come in every Wednesday night from 4-10.  By the way, does anyone else think 10 pm is a little late for a clown to be there?  Plus I think Kids Eat Free is only 4-7 (I could be wrong), so 10 doesn't make much sense.  Any hubby HATES dislikes the clown with a passion.  He will avoid Perkins like the plague if he's there.  The clown annoys the crap out of him.  His words, not mine.  I think the only time we went there when the clown was there was 2 years ago and my husband was ready to walk out. 
Yes, the kids do like the clown.  However, the clown can be annoying and overstay his welcome.  Last time he hung around after our food was there and that really ticked my husband off.  I guess this time he's learned so it wasn't quite so bad.  He came over after we got our drinks before our food.  What I don't get is rather than pulling a chair up to our booth he smooshed into the booth with hubby and son.  Not cool.  My husband took it well there...all smooshed in the corner.  The fun part about it was my husband has a good sense of humor and is funny on his own.  He decided to fight fire with fire and out did the clown, if I do say so myself.   The barbs were sure flying!  He joked about my daughter's missing front tooth and the fact that she wouldn't talk.  It was all in good fun.  He made a white balloon laser gun for my son and a bird sitting in a ring for my daughter.  He was gone before our food came.  My husband patted himself on the back and said he learned to fight fire with fire.  The kids had fun and got balloons so it was worth it.
For dinner my daughter got the French Toast Tower which she devoured.  Goalieboy got the pizza with a side of applesauce and a baked potato.  They had a promo menu where they were doing meals that included a drink and dessert.  The cost of mine came out $2 less than hubby's drink and meal.  Definitely a win for me.  I had fiesta chicken over rice with a side of steamed broccoli.  Delish and not too heavy.  I took home a piece of divine Lemon Meringue pie which I ate with a cup of tea after the kiddies were in bed.
It was the perfect night out and didn't hit our wallet too hard.  It's easy to go over $50 for 2 adults and 2 kids even without dessert and drinks.  Our was under $30 including the tip.  Not bad. 
I'm happy to say our area did not get any storms, rain or otherwise.  Today it is 71 with a high of 72.  The wind is really brisk out.  We had to shield our eyes several times on the way to school because of all the debris it was whipping up.  Tonight the low will be 36!  Holy crap  Oh my, what a change from yesterday.  Mother Nature really is having her mood swings these days. I welcome it though.  I would love a perfect 65-75 degree spring day without rain or clouds every day of the year.   Heaven! The rest of this week will be markedly cooler in the low to mid 70's and I'm happy with that.  Too bad my little fish won't be doing much swimming until it gets back into the 80's again.
So, how's June treating you so far?

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The clown freaks me out too and I wasn't even there! LOL!