Friday, June 03, 2011

Getting the phone call that Crushes Dreams

My husband has been working really hard the last several months, pursuing a dream job.  He's done several phone interviews.  Has driven to several more interviews within 90 minutes of where we live.  Two weeks ago he actually drove 4 hours for 2 days of interviews with the company's Director of Operations and Director of Human Resources.  We felt he had it in the bag.  Both people had positive things to say about him. All we had to do was wait for the green light from the CEO. That was 3 weeks ago.  A phone interview was set up with the CEO for the following Thursday and a background check was sent for him to complete.  My husband jumped through hoops to make it happen.  Thursday is when he's in meetings.  Then the day before he got an email that the time had been pushed back two  hours.  There's no way he could do it.  He had to call and ask to have it rescheduled.  He was told the same time, the following Thursday.  Another tough break, but he was determined to make it work.  The first thing the CEO asked him last Thursday was why he had to reschedule the interview.  My husband politely explained that he was available for the first time but unable to make the rescheduled time because he had a prior commitment at his current job that he couldn't get out of. 
You would think that it would be appreciated that he took the job he was paid to do very seriously, even while looking for another.
The CEO was like, you're telling me you weren't available up to 10 pm any other day than today.  My husband was baffled.  He had been told there were no other times available.  He would have much rather taken the call after work any day.  I truly believe this was held against him even though he explained that no other time was made available to him.
He finally was told today and that's only because he left the person in charge of recruiting a voice message.  He politely said he was checking up to see where things were.  He asked that if he was no longer being considered he would appreciate a call confirming it so he could move on.  The recruiter called him back instead of sending out a form letter because he said he respected my husband since this whole thing started months ago.  The claim is that he is not being hired because one of his past employers is in decline.  The CEO feels that it would not be a good idea hiring someone that worked for said company.  Ironic that when my husband's resume was reviewed that job was the one they were most focused on.  They said they had several people from that company now working for them in high positions.  Sounds to me like a brush off and a lot of BS.  Sucks that he is not getting his dream job all because of a scheduling conflict.  You know it's true. 
So onward and upward.  He's better off without them.  We were planning on uprooting our whole family and moving for them.  There were a lot of positives to the position and move.  Now we look for the next opportunity.  Thank goodness he has calls in from 2 more companies and all this in just the last week.
I'm looking on the bright side.  When my honey comes home from his second job I'm going to hug him tight and tell him how important he is to us.


Birdie said...

I think the way these companies handle their hiring is completely ridiculous. I had something sort of similar happen, and it completely made no sense. Your husband must be just short of devastated. I hope you guys find an even better position, with a more professional company!

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

I know, it's so impersonal. He was on pins and needles since Friday and he just knew after that phone call it wasn't going to happen. He even emailed the recruiter on Monday wishing him a Happy Memorial Day. When he didn't hear back it just made things worse. I'm proud he called today to get confirmation. Not knowing is the worst. I also think it shows that this was not the right company because we want one that will treat us right.

Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

absurd. it only means that he's going to get something that's even better.