Friday, June 10, 2011

Juggling, It's what I do

This has definitely been a full week of Juggling.  I'm in the middle of winding down the school year and winding up for summer.  It's always hectic here this time of year.  It's been even harder now that Hubby has a second job.  He's up by 3:30 a.m. and home at 10:15 p.m. three to four times a week.  It's been extra tough physically, mentally and emotionally.
Earlier this week he had me cracking up.  He asked me what was on this weeks agenda.  I told him how full it was and his response....well, it's not like your running them everywhere.  I just had to laugh out loud.  I almost got hysterical.  Seriously!  Yes, sometimes it's not about shuttling the kids back and forth across the county.  Sometimes it's about scheduling and making sure you don't forget anything or anyone.  Some days the scheduling/planning part of it overwhelms me more than the actual doing.  Does that make sense?  Am I the only one that feels this way? Still, I wouldn't trade it any day.
My daughter's birthday was this week so it threw even more into the mix.  Plus both kids have various school and after school activities going on.
I lost Sunday because we went to check out a rink an hour a way to see if we wanted to enroll the kids there for skating and hockey.  Yes, we had originally planned on going to another one, but we wanted to just check this one out.  Big (good) mistake because we LOVED it!  It's a bit further than the other one and the drive is not as easy, especially in the winter.  But, we're contemplating now and have to decide by September.  After that we did a dreaded Wal-mart run and dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It was a wonderful family day but it pushed my Sunday to do list to Monday.
Monday-Shop for Little Bee's birthday gift.  Easier said than done as my parents had gotten her the one thing she had been asking for...a new scooter.  Hubby was a bit upset but who am I to tell them no after she had asked them too and they had bought. It took most of the day and several stores but I completed my birthday shopping mission.
Mission Birthday Gifts took up most of the day.  Then it was home to get Goalie Boy from school while Little Bee went to Daisy's.  We decided to celebrate her birthday that night (instead of Tuesday) because Daddy was home.  It was a wonderful and special time.

Daddy suggested getting her some "artsy/craftsy" things since she loves to create.  We're going to make jewelry on Sunday while they boys are out doing their own thing.  She colored the bad that night after opening it and carries it eveywhere.
The one thing she begged for (besides a scooter) was this puppy.  We hid it in the pantry closet until after dinner and sent her in their to get us something.  She was so happy!  She has named her Princess and walks her everywhere.  It's too cute.

Tuesday was a true labor of love that took ALL DAY!  I had bought my daughter a bunk bed set last summer.  It's been sitting in the box because we couldn't afford to buy another mattress.  Little Bee has been sleeping most nights in her sister's bed (since she's only over 2-4 nights a month) and in her toddler bed (she still fits because she's tiny) the other nights.  My parents decided to buy a new mattress for their guest bed so they gave us the old  one (it's only 3 yrs old and been used a handful of times).  I was so excited because this meant I could put Little Bee's bunk beds together.  My mom said she'd help.  I figured 4 hours tops.  I must have been high on something because it took FOREVER!  First we had to take apart both beds.  Then we had to put both bunk beds together.  Then we had to put them up and then I had to rearrange the furniture so I could put the beds on the opposite wall. We started at 11 a.m. When I went and got the kids at 3:15 we were done except putting on the ladder and tightening the screws on the slats.  My mom kept them busy at her house (next door) while I moved and rearranged everything.  I finished (for the most part) by 6:30.  We ate dinner and then I put on the bedding which took FOREVER again.  I hate top bunks!  I will be writing a post about the good and evils of bunk beds.  I have to say it was a HUGE hit and I am now a hero to my little girl.  It's like one great big toy.  It never stops giving. 

Physically, I don't think I'll ever recover (I had to haul the old beds up to the attic too).  But, it was worth it.  No regrets, even though I will curse it every time I change the bedding (maybe I will just leave it).
Wednesday was nasty hot.  I spent time in the garden.  I washed a ton of dishes.  I am the dishwasher.  I HATE dishes!  I did loads of (neverending) laundry.  I went grocery shopping.  Then I got the kids from school.  We got homework done and then it was water time.  Too hot for much else. 
Thursday was a scorcher!  I spent the day watering the garden, more laundry and dishes and baking/decorating cupcakes for Little Bee's class birthday celebration.  I also ran to the store for ice pops and brought them into the school for the kids.  It was blazing hot.  I almost took them out early.  Next time I think I will.  I just relaxed after we ran the second half of the way home in the torrential rain.  We made it just before the hail started.  No cooking for me.  We did sandwiches and salad and then just hung out.  Perfect evening.
Today (Friday) and tomorrow are my crazy days and hubby will only be home to sleep. More housework....laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.  I had to remind the kids that today was wear your favorite jersey/sports shirt to school day.  I emailed the rink to get more information on their hockey program. I'm dropping off cupcakes and ice pops in a bit.  This afternoon Goalie Boy has a pizza party after school to celebrate the end of the reading/math program.  I get him from the school at 4:45.  At 5 is Little Bee's Girl Scout celebration in the school's cafeteria.  I have to be back at 7 for their bridging ceremony.  I'm so excited.  I can't wait. I wish my husband could be there too.  I hate that he's missing these precious moments but I know he's working hard for us.  I feel bad and guilty. 
After the ceremony, I drop them at my parent's at 8 before heading to my friend's house.  We're throwing a small surprise party for another friend.  I'll be ready to relax, eat some cake and drink some wine.  I really need some mommy time.
Tomorrow I have the school yard sale and book fair and two birthday parties.  I can't wait for Sunday!  The boys are having a guys day out.  I'm glad my hubby will have a day to unwind and relax.  Little Bee and I are going to use her Burger King certificate (from school for her birthday) and do lunch.  Maybe we'll even take in a movie.  Money is tight but I think it'll be a nice treat.'s back to JUGGLING again!
Let's BEE Friends


~Mistee~ said...

That wore me out just reading it!!! You are a SUPER-MOM!!!!!!!!

Bees With Honey said...

Oh wow, you've had a crazy, busy week! You must be tired. I, too, got worn out by reading all that you did last week!