Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moochers, beggars, pleaders

My kids are moochers.  Yep, you heard me right.  They will ask anyone for anything.  They have it down to a science.  A tilt of the head, sweet smile, innocent look and pleading eyes.  Guess what?  It works most of the time.  The exceptions are mommy and for the most part daddy.  I am made of steel and hard to manipulate.  Yes, moochers are manipulative little creatures.  Cute but dangerous.  I've learned so I'd adhere to the forewarned is forearmed method.  I've warned all my friends and family.  They still are victims. I won't say innocent because they have been warned.  I guess they can't get past the batting, pleading eyes.  Sometimes they'll add a cute little pout too.  SUCKERS! 
I've talked to my kids about mooching.  It's just not right.  They are old enough to know better but they keep doing it.  They also have a way of having their victims keep the secret.  Sigh...the world is working against me  here.  They need to learn that everything is not handed to them and they do need to work for somethings.  Make them work for it people!  Geesh!  Suckers!
My kids will mooch sweets, treats and all sorts of other food.  They will talk people into giving them things they weren't planning to give.  Like...I love that figurine.  She's so pretty.  The reply from unknown victim...Thank you honey.  Would you like to take her home? 
Stop right there!  No she does not want to take it home.  It's just going to be put in a tote under her bed where all the mooched stuff goes. It will be taken out and admired for awhile until it is eventually left there and forgotten about.  Then Mommy will have to sort through said mooched stuff and donate or toss it.  Please don't add to the clutter.  Please don't help the hoarding gene that my wonderful mom has.  I'm trying to kill it off before it sprouts branches and takes over.  I'm not a neat freak in any way, shape or form but please don't add to the clutter I'm already trying to keep organized and under control. If we can't use it in our daily lives I we don't want it.
They also have a way of taking control of whatever is going on.  They can always talk my mom into putting on their shows and making them popcorn or some other snack.  They will talk her into numerous games of Go Fish, even when she's done with playing.  My son will talk her into letting him use her computer.  No is not in their vocabulary outside my house.  They try really hard here but I've learned to be firm.  My child will not be spoiled by me giving in to their every want and whim.
Their favorite thing to do is involve their friends.  I am constantly dragged into....Mom can {friend's name} come over and play?  Can he/she stay the night?  They will ask their friends before asking me.  They will ask in front of their friends.  They will even ask in front of the friends parents.  They will invite themselves to play or spend the night at a friends house.  We've had numerous conversations about the fact that this is inappropriate. It's an uncomfortable position to put me and others in.  I hate saying no in front of their friends.  It makes me the bad guy.  Our rule is if you ask in front of someone the answer will automatically be no.  We have to discuss it first, before hand.  Not right at the moment the friend is there.  I need to talk to the child's parent before and plan it.   My kids both asked to have friends over last night during my daughter's girl scout bridging front of their friends and parents.  They seemed shocked that the answer was an immediate no.  I guess they forgot the rules.  We revisited them again once we got home.  To make matters worse, it was 8 o'clock at night and they knew they were going to Grandma's because I was going  out.  Short term, selective memories on those two.
Do your kids do these things?  Do they mooch, beg and plead?  I think my kids would win gold if it was an Olympic sport.  How come that doesn't make me proud?

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