Friday, June 24, 2011

School's out for Summer

Woohoo!  School's out for Summer!  No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers DIRTY looks!  My mom use to always sing this after our last day of school.  Oh the memories!

I'm so happy third grade is over for my son.  It's been a year full of more downs than ups.  He was in a collaborative class this past year.  It's a setting with a regular ed and special ed teacher.  My son is hearing impaired but his grades were (for the most part) on level.  Unfortunately, the class was chaos with 26 kids in a small classroom.  Plus 2 teachers and 2 aides.  To make it worse, the special ed teacher was running the class rather than doing her job of supporting the IEP (special ed) kids.  Wonderful teacher when she did her job.  Frustrating more often than not.  It was brought to my attention LAST week that Goalieboy was seen rushing through his in class assignments.  When graded, he had answered most of the questions incorrectly, therefor failing.  Hello, it took this long to discover it?!  Am I wrong in being upset? Most of the papers  (especially this last quater) he was bringing home were in the 73-62 range.  He redid the worksheet he rushed though.  How do you think he did then?  One wrong!  *Sigh*  With 4 (count them...4!!) teachers in that class, someone couldn't have caught on months ago?  Especially when he's participating in class and is seemingly understand the lessons. I was baffled because when we would review the sheets (he brought home) he knew most of the correct answers.  I will be addressing this first thing next year with his new teachers.  It's upsetting.  While it is his fault for not taking the time to do the work properly, he is 8.  It's also documented that he has trouble focusing and is easily distracted.  Hoping next year will be better in this area.

We gave all the teacher's chocolates. 

All the teachers (and aides) received handwritten notes from the kids.  I wrote a personal one for Little Bee's teacher and Goalieboy's Hearing Impaired teacher.  They were both fantastic!

These are for Goalieboy's Hearing Impaired teacher.  She was wonderful!

Little Bee, on the other hand, had a fantastic year with an AWESOME teacher!  We are going to miss her greatly.  I'm so sad she will not be in our building next year.  My daughter asked for her email and home address so we can write to her.  It will keep them connected and she will benefit from the writing experience.

Little Bee's teacher also got flowers with her chocolates.  She is the type of teacher every child should have.  She inspires learning.

Now we are going to kick back, relax and enjoy our summer!

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Bees With Honey said...

Us teachers LOVE chocolate. Good call. I'm so glad Summer is here too!

Jen said...

That is so sweet you got your teachers chocolates! So sorry your son had a not-so-great school year. That must be very difficult, and 26 kids in a class is ALOT!!
Hope you enjoy your summer! Found you through Bees with Honey :)

Kristin @ What She Said said...

Handwritten notes are such a special touch. Both my mom and my husband are teachers and I know they each have particularly memorable and heartwarming notes from students over the years tucked away. That was really sweet of you and your kids.

Barbara said...

Those chocolates look great and I think teachers always appreciate the hand written notes! I'm sorry that your son had a hard year, I hope next year is better. The good thing is that now Summer is here and everyone can have a well deserved break!