Monday, March 29, 2010

Kate on DWTS

I just wanted to take a quick moment to address Kate Gosselin on DWTS.  I know she has a lot of haters out there.  But serisously, cut her a break.  Get past the Kate you may have seen on the TLC show "Jon and Kate Plus 8".  When watching a show like DWTS free yourself of previous misconceptions and give yourself permission to let your mind take a different path.
In Kate's case remember what the judges have pointed out...she has no dance training what so ever, she is not an athlete, singer or actress.  She is not a performer.  She is who she is and you can't say she's ever tried to protray it any other way.  I'm sure this is why she is disliked (and liked) by many.  This is a lot to overcome for anyone.  I don't think many of us out there (with zero background in any of these areas) would not struggle themselves to pull it off.  I give her credit for putting herself out there, trying to reinvent herself and put a smile on her face and dance.  Honestly, I know I could NOT do it!  No way, no how.  So I say, "GO KATE!".  You have to have a very strong backbone to put yourself center stage and I applaude you.  Raise your head high and be proud.  I like your DWTS partner very much but I totally got what you were saying when you tried to tell him that you were struggling to follow how he was trying to teach you.  Everyone learns different.  So I feel for the pair of you.  I really hope you (as a dance couple) can overcome this trial. 
Even though it was headline catching, I don't like how DWTS promoted the struggle and communication issue they had.  All the couples go through ups and downs and I don't remember the show ever using such a negative issue throughout the two hour show to keep viewers watching.  It's a shame in my opinion. 
These are my personal thoughts and feelings on Kate.  Good luck to her!  I really hope she can continue with DWTS and that her and Tony grow as a team.  Show all your haters that you are more than they believed.  I have 2 children and struggle with keeping it all together.  It's hard to juggle it all.  Bless you for all you do.

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