Friday, March 26, 2010

Dentist Visit...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yesterday was a busy day.  I meant to blog but I was beat and hubby was sick and needed to be babied when he got home around 7pm.
Yesterday my children had their dentist visit.  I have to say that the kids are wonderful when they go to the doctor or the dentist.  Knock on Wood.  I hope it never changes.  I think it helps that the doctor has always been able to help them feel better, so it's been an overall good experience.  The same goes for the dentist.  The dentist we use is a pedicatric dentist and that seems to help.  She is great with children and has one the same age as my son.  I like her two assistants two.  If I don't like someone or my children don't like them, then we will not go back.  Case in point, the first pediatrician I had for my son right after he was born.  I met with her when I was pregnant and thought she would be fine.  However, after my son arrived it took no more than two visits to her to discover that she was not the right fit for either of us.  She was distant and I didn't like her bedside manner with him.  So, I swiftly went and found a group of pediatricians that we've been with ever since.  We travel 40 minutes to see them since we moved before my daughter was born, but I feel it is worth the drive.
I picked the kids up from school at 1 o'clock.  They were excited to go.  We arrived there and they played in the childrens area until we were seen.  They love that corner.  It has a table to play on, a little school area with a big chalkboard, lots of books and a little tv.
I scheduled their visits at the same time.  They have one room that is split for just this reason.  It's nice to be able to go back and forth and see how they're both doing.  I spent most of the time in with my daughter since she's 5.  My son's a pro at this and doesn't mind me flittering in and out.
The cleanings went without problems.  X-rays were taken.  Amazingly enough my 5 (soon to be 6 in June) year old daughter already has her 6 year molars all the way in!  The bad news is that my son has  cavity on one of his back teeth.  We were both so sad to find this out. The dentist had been praising them on how well they have taken care of their teeth.  The startling news I got from my son was that he didn't realize he had to brush all the way back there!  I was floored because I brushed back there for him when he was small and I know he's been educated during school and dentists visits to do this too.  He got sealants on his molars last October so I have a feeling that he stopped brushing back there about that time, figuring that sealants prevent cavities to all the back teeth.  The good news is it's a wake up call.  He has asked me to help him brush his back teeth for now.  So, we'll see where this leads.
So, the overall dentist visit was ok and it created a learning experience.  I will take that as a positive.  The pain is going to come for me when I have to pay for the filling.  My dental plan does not cover clear fillings in the back of the mouth, only silver.  So I'm going to be shelling out around $160 for it and another $60 for my daughter's sealants.  I really need a steady paycheck again...but that's another story unto itself.  I will be blogging about that and my IME appointment that I am heading off to now in my other Blog "Real Retail Nightmares".

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