Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The homework struggle

It's a daily occurrance from Monday to Friday that I struggle with getting my 7 year old son to do his homework.  It's an uphill battle, the war of all wars.  I stiffle a laugh as I type this but it's the truth and it's not too funny while I'm in the midst of it.
Today I got the kids from school and had a fairly uneventful walk home.  Blessing of all blessings.  No argurments to break up is always BONUS!  We get in the door and my DS(dear son) begs to show me dinosaur pictures he drew in school.  I give in figuring that even though it will be incentive for him to do his homework after.  The one thing I ask him to do is to please take his coat, backpack and shoes upstairs and put them away before we look at his drawings.  He (of course) has a minor meltdown.  I calmly tell him that if he wants me to look at them he must be willing to compromise and do these things for me since I am clearly compromising by allowing him to put off doing his homework.  I admire his drawings that he was copying out of his huge dinosaur book.  They are good for a 7 year old and could be even better if he'd taken his time.  I'm quite proud of the result and tell him so (exluding the suggestion to slow down, which is sure to upset him).  He drags it out for a good 15 minutes before I continue to tell him that he now needs to go upstairs and start his dreaded homework.  He whines and cries that he is "starving!".  I believe all boys are born this way.  As always, so it should not be surprising to him, I tell him to go on up and begin his homework and I will bring him a snack.  He never seems happy with this reply as he is about to starve from hunger and gets upset once again.  My son is very dramatic this way.  My DD (dear daughter) chimes in that she is starving too.  Oh my!  She's rarely starving.  She brings to my attention that her teacher somehow forgot snacktime today.  I usher them both upstairs with promises of a snack in a few minutes.  DD plays quietly in her room since she is done with her homework for the week.  The life of a kindergartner is easy compared to that of a second grader.  DS will whine on and on about how unfair his life is, forgetting that he was once 5 too.
The snacks were consumed and lots of delaying tactics tried and failed...one of which included the standard "your no fair!" line that also had the added sound of a slamming bedroom door and stomping feet above my head.  It is peaceful and quiet for now.  I can only imagine what the hours between now and bedtime will bring!  Pray for my sanity!

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