Monday, March 29, 2010

Day One of Spring Break

Rainy day here on the east coast.  Flood watches and warnings in effect.  So far, not bad.  More to come tomorrow, so we shall see.
The husband has decided to supress his "jerk" dual personality, so all is well for now.  I just don't get him.  He starts to stress about money and is overtired from work and just snaps.  It's so tiring.  I'm hoping the hollidays will go smoothly and "jerk" will stay in a dark closet somewhere.  I put my b^tch side away and hope she stays gone forever when it comes to my home life.  I hate it, hate it, hate it!  Pray for us that we can ride this rough patch and continue to move forward in our love for ourselves and our family.
My day flew by and was overall a very nice one.  The kids were up early as it seems to happen in our household on days off of school.  (chuckling here)  It never fails. I have trouble getting them up each Monday to Friday at 7:30.  However, it doesn't seem to matter what time they go to bed at night during an off school day, they are always up before 8.  Today, my son crawled into my bed with me for a short 30 minute snuggle before making his way downstairs to watch NHL on the fly and see which of his teams won last night.  My daughter was down there by 8 and they didn't kill each other though they did bicker viciously at times.  I crawled out of bed at 9 and was going to head down to make them breakfast when my son yelled up, "Don't worry mom, I'm making us breakfast.".  Yeah!  He popped a couple frozen waffles into the toaster, pulled out the syrup and butter and Viola..breakfast!  Yippee!!  He likes to help that way and at almost 8, I think he is ready for it.  I was able to take a quick uninterrupted shower, which was a treat unto itself.
My mom offered to take the kids for the afternoon so I was free to enjoy myself.  One of my girlfriends picked me up and after a stop at DD we headed shopping.  For you moms out know how freeing it is to head out shopping sans kids!  And the extra treat was not having to rush home to get the kids from school.  FREEDOM!  Oh and I got the cutest pair of shoes that I can't wait to wear!  Yeah me!!
I feel rejuventated after having some me time.  It was real nice. My son is going to a friend's house tomorrow  afternoon.  I was going to take them to see the movie "How to Train Your Dragon".  Now I'm not sure what to do for mommy/daughter time.  I'm sure I'll come up with something fun.  Maybe we'll see the movie on Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to enjoying the afternoon with her.  

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