Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EARLY morning and Spring picture day

I am laying on my couch with my laptop on my lap while American Idol plays on low in the background and I contemplate my day.  I am enjoying the peace and quiet.  Everyone is in bed.  Loving it.
This morning started extremely early when my husbands alarm clock went off at 3:15.  I drifted in and out of sleep until he kissed me good by at 3:50.  From that point on my sleep was gone no matter how tired I was or how much I prayed for sleep to return.  It was not kind to me and would not come.  I finally gave up hope at 6:08.  I can't believe I stubbornly layed their for that long!
Today was Spring Picture Day at school.  Both kids didn't give me too much trouble getting up.  I tried to wake them slowly so as not to annoy them.  Neither child likes to wake up until they are good and ready especially my daughter.  I chuckle as I type that becaue she can be a devil child some school mornings.  I swear aliens take over her body.  It took me a while to tame my daughter's naturally curly hair.  I normally keep it pulled back off her face but I like it loose for picture day.  I sprayed it down and added a little curl tamer before scrunching it and using a blower dryer on it.  She looked so precious when she walked out the door this morning.
I was in a hazy place this morning so I let the kids buy lunch instead of packing them.  My biggest misstep this morning was forgetting to put the pork roast into the crockpot this morning.  Ugh!  I didn't realize this until close to noon.  So, I sent hubby a text letting him know that it was takeout night on me.  Mentally I was not up to figuring out a different dinner choice.  So, tomorrow I will do pulled pork.  I better not forget!
I rounded the morning out with the dreaded self appointed task of going through all the pictures on my desktoop. I organized them into files, if they weren't already, and copied the folders onto a thumb drive.  Unfortunately, I was unable to finish since I filled up the drive and have to purchase another.  Sigh.  So, I'll finish that up in the next few days. I've given myself a deadline of Sunday to have it done.  No more procrastinating!  I need to clean up the desktop because eventually we're going to give it to the kids to use for homework and fun.
My afternoon was over quick.  I didn't even eat lunch, just a small snack of pretzels. I was beat from lack of sleep so I treated myslef with a much needed nap from 1:30-3:00.  This never happens, as either a) I feel guilty for doing it or b) I try and just can't fall asleep.  For once, I was able to indulge.  I so did not want to wake up to get the kids from school.
From there until now the rest of my day flew right on by...homework, ice skating, dinner (Subway... Yummy!), stories, a little hockey (Sabres vs Canadians) and then bedtime! 
I indulged in watching ANTM, browsing through Facebook and listening to American Idol.  Now my energy is lagging and I'm starting to yawn.  Bedtime in 10 minutes!  Night all!

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