Monday, July 25, 2011

My Feisty Girl (T-R-O-U-B-L-E)

I have to tell you my 7 year old daughter gives me a run for my money...daily! She is chock full of stubbornness, feistiness and pure gumption. In other words, piss and vinegar. There I said it. Funny thing is she's also sweet, loving, kind and empathetic (though not in this time). She can be as sweet as an angel or as evil as the devil. She drives me crazy at times (honestly, both my kids do) but I wouldn't have it any other way. The traits that push me to the brink of sanity now will be her saving grace when she gets older. She's in the process of learning how to use them properly and if she uses them for good instead of evil she will go a long way in life. I have faith that she will.

All that being said I just have to share some interesting tidbits that have come out of her cute little mouth the last week or so.

First off...remember that prehistoric bug I posted a picture of here? If so then you remember her reaction to it after grandpa swatted it off the tarp. She took a stick to that disgusting thing. When she was done bits and pieces of it were mashed into the grass. Ick! Ironic that she loves most bugs (see my post here). I was partly proud and partly grossed out. She took glee in smashing it. A bit twisted I think. She was proud that she smooshed it. Good thing I know that is not her overall personality. I was like, "It's dead honey, you can stop now.". I believe she liked the fact that she wasn't creeped out by it and I was. It was the thing nightmares are made of. I think the "boy" in her came to the surface at that point. My husband swears that there are times she acts more like a boy than our son. No knocks on him but as I said, she's feisty. She stands up for herself and what she believes in. She is rough and tumble when needed and defends herself well. It's a little misguided at times but we try hard to keep her on track. Thinking back I do laugh out loud. You have to picture this pretty, tiny little girl who barely weighs 37 lbs wet beating this little insect with a stick. It's too much.

We were all sitting around the table Sunday afternoon during lunch and she's telling her Daddy about it. She's like, "Daddy, bugs don't scare me. If I see them I'll punch them in the face and smoosh their brains.". Oh my god, I think his eyes popped out of his head. I think he was stunned and proud of her funny candor all at once. She just went on and on because we all busted out laughing.

It all started because there was a fly in the house and it was annoying her. She told him (daddy) not to worry that she would just punch it in the head so it would stop. I'm sure to some this seems a bit psychotic but you need to hear and see to understand. She's really playing to her audience. When we laugh, snicker or give her that "what is wrong with you" look she just embellishes more. She is a character. She definitely takes after daddy with her warped sense of humor. Dancer girl (my stepdaughter) was just laughing her pants off. I tell you the girls are just like daddy. They like to get people to laugh and will find the way that works best for their audience.

I'm telling you this girl is going to be a handful. Um, well she kinds already is but I'm in denial. Well maybe not since I just admitted to it. She's got the looks and the personality. She is already trying out the bat your eyes at a boy trick. She tries it with daddy and sometimes it works. She claims it works on her boy friends at school. She is precocious and sweet. She's tough as nails. I pity any boy she sets her sights on or any boy that sets his sights on her. Poor thing is going to be in for the ride of his life...I sure hope it's a good one.

I'm going to change her name to T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!

Hang on tight it's going to get wild around here!! Be afraid, be very afraid because I sure am.


Barbara said...

She sounds like quite the character! It's these things that you 'll have to remind her of one day!

~Mistee~ said...

I have one just like her! U think we are paying for our raising?? Lol