Friday, July 08, 2011

Kindness and Generosity

I have been so privileged lately to see the kindness and generosity of others around me. It really erases those annoying moments of the me, me, me generation.

My family has been on the receiving end of many of these generous actions. I'm so grateful. We're going through tough financial times and it makes my heart ache (in a good way) when others go out of their way to lend a helping hand.

My son's hearing impaired teacher has been amazing. Not only is she supportive but has gone out of her way to get him equipment he needs. She also researched and pursued financial options in getting Goalieboy new hearing aids. Without her he would not be where he is today.

Another amazing person is a lady named Mary. She owns a hearing aid business with her husband. They volunteer their services to the local Lions Club. She personally helped us secure funds when it was determined our household income was too much to qualify for free aides. I'm blown away by her.

My daughter's first grade teacher, who is amazing! She gives 110% every day. She is going to another school in our district next year and will be truly missed. She took all the kids pictures and made them each year books. She gave my daughter her email and home address so they can keep in touch. She is generous with her time, praise and attention.

Little Bee's first skating teacher who moved to Virginia in January. She writes her and even made a trip up to see her first skating competition a few months ago. She is here this week visiting and made special plans to see her. We went out for ice cream today. It was wonderful seeing them chatting about everything that's happened since they last saw each other. She also brought her a birthday present. How sweet is that?! Most 22 year olds are not like that.

Two of my good friends planned a special barbecue for my birthday last Saturday. They made me a cute cake and gave me wonderful (and unnecessary) gifts. They also got gifts for my son (birthday is July 23rd) and stepdaughter (her birthday was the following day). How thoughtful is that?

I am truly blessed with the wonderful people surrounding me and my family. When things get tough I try really hard to take a deep breath and be thankful for what I have.

****Remember to sit back, breathe and count your blessings when life gets overwhelming.

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Bees With Honey said...

You must be a really good person. People who help out and are supportive in the way you've described love to do for those who are sweet, kind and caring. You must be those three things!

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Awwww....Thank you Bruna! I try very hard to be a good person. I love my friends and family and try to be generous and helpful to all. I also find it important to say thank you. Those two words go a long way.

Karen said...

I agree with Bruna! :> And kudos to you for being able to see the good when times are tough. That, in itself, can be a challenge, but really speaks to who you are! :>

Barbara said...

This post made me tear up! How great to have such amazing people in your life! It also means that you must be a pretty amazing person to have so many people that care about you and your family!

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Thank you Karen. I try hard to be positive.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Barbara, I feel so honored and priviledged that these people are in our lives. I don't know what I would do without them. They show me there's always goodness and hope and to never give up.

~Mistee~ said...

I agree with the other's.. You must have a wonderful spirit of your own for others to treat you that way.