Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun kids craft

I got this for my daughter, from A.C. Moore, for Christmas.  A friend of hers has it and she played it there during a sleepover.  It was  huge hit so I had to buy it for her.  I knew it would provide hours of fun for her and our son (if she chose to share).


It comes with 2 bead packages, 5 peg boards, special paper to iron on, jewels and string.

My daughter decided to use the circle board and create an umbrella.

Her completed craft.

Works in progress.  My daughter's  dolphin and son's bear.



Easy to do...carefully place pegs onto board.  Cover with special ironing paper.

Gently iron for about 30 seconds on one side and another 15 on other side.

Finished projects.

I highly recommend this as activity for children five and over. Parents will need to do the ironing, unless your child is closer to10 and then I would suggest standing by to make sure they don't burn themselves. I love that my kids can be creative with colors and also think outside the box when creating with this kit.

***This post is my own opinion and not compensated in any way by A.C. Moore or the creators of FunFusion.

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