Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Has Arrived!

Winter has finally really arrived!  I'm not counting the freakish storm in October that caused so many problems.

The kids were so excited to go outside and play.  The only thing that would've made them happier was if it had happened during the week and they would've gotten a snow day.

They bundled up in warm winter coats, snow pants, gloves, hats and scarves.  Excitement sparked the air. 

Too bad my camera phone only uploads grainy pictures that don't do the moment justice.

First stop was the shed in our backyard where the sleds and stuff are stored.

The kids took turns sledding down our driveway.  It's a nice little hill that makes it perfect for sledding.
The kids also raced down it together.  Laughing all the way.

Snow angels are a must!  My daughter loves making them.  My son of course had to play hockey in the snow.  He even got grandpa in the act.  Grandpa stood at the top of the drive and played goalie, keeping the puck out of the street. Both were having a great time.  I loved seeing the pure childlike joy on both their faces.

The atmosphere of pure joy and abandon is priceless and intoxicating.  I felt like a kid again, laughing with them.  My daughter would take the sled up the top of the driveway and have me push her hard.  She would giggle going down and squeal at the bottom and demand again!

It was such a good day.  The kids are now inside enjoying hot chocolate and playing in the "fort" I made them.  The simple things are the best and most fun!

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