Friday, August 12, 2011

So Thankful it's Finally Friday

The last week and a half have been wonderful, hectic and never ending!  My brothers (Uncle C and Uncle J) came in to town for a visit last Monday afternoon and stayed until this Wednesday morning.  While it was wonderful having them here I'm so glad to be getting back to our "regular" summer routine. 

As many of you know my parents live next door.  While it can be a godsend at times it's seriously not the wonderful, supportive place many may envision it to be.  It's been crazy here with my whole family, in addition to my stepdaughter, staying with us for the month. I always hope it's going to be sunshine and rainbows but it rarely is.  My parents are short on patience and quick on negative opinions.  Thankfully they're great grandparents or this would so not be worth it.

Most of the 10 days was spent with my younger brother (Uncle J) bickering with my mom or off in his own little world.  Every time he comes to visit he talks about family being important and wanting to fill up the time with fun activities with his niece and nephew.  He means well but being a bachelor he honestly doesn't quite get "it".  He stays up late taking over my mom's computer (drives her NUTS) or hogging our tv while consuming multiple beers.  Then he'll sleep in until close to noon. Oh, the joys of bachelorhood.  It really effected making plans for full days out.

My other brother (Uncle C) has mental and emotional handicaps.  He's on various meds to keep his moods stable and keep him from becoming too excitable.  He loves coming to see us.  Unfortunately, while my parents love the idea of having him visit, it seems to be too much for them.  They constantly treat him like a child.  While sometimes that's needed they tend to forget that he is quite capable.  He lives in a group home and has many responsibilities.  It became frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking to listen to them.  They would shush him, tell him to sit down, don't do this, don't do that.  I understand it's a fine line and sometimes action needs to be taken but there are better ways to handle situations.  Little Bee picked up on it really quick.  When he would interrupt her or ramble on and on she would shush him too.  She wasn't trying to be mean but she was mimicking the adults that should know better.  I pulled her aside and talked to her about it.  I told her how to nicely let him know that she was trying to talk or how to cue him that he was getting carried away.  I don't want her to treat anyone the way my parents treated my older brother.  My heart breaks for him when he's here because he's lost in his own world at times and he just really wants everyone to talk to him and to be the (positive) center of attention.  It's a tough situation to be in the middle of most times.

On the bright side...we did have some fun days out.  One day we spent at a local park.  It has a large pond that we decided to picnic by.  I spread out the blanket and relaxed with Dancer Girl while the kids skipped rocks and their uncles watched.  It was the perfect day.  We also spent a day hiking a beautiful park.   You must look at these beautiful pictures.  The lake was picturesque and everyone had a great time.  I can't wait to take the kids again.  We spent another day at a different park enjoying the lake, beach, swimming and soaking up the sun.  The kids loved it!  Uncle J decided not to go that time because he's not much of a beach person.

We also hiked back and forth to the ice rink three different times.  It's about 70 minutes each way.  I loved that Goalieboy's uncles got to watch him play.  He participated in two goalie clinics and a three on three.  Uncle J got into it and took numerous videos to show my husband who wasn't able to attend any of the days because of his second job.

In between all that we also had two days of gymnastics and some rainy days.  On the rainy days we watched movies, played board games and pigged out on junk food.  Absolutely perfect in my opinion!

One of the best days for the kids though was when their Uncle J took them out to shop for their birthday presents.  For their birthdays (Early June and Late July) he sent them both a card with some cash.  He told them in addition to that he would take them out shopping when he came to visit.  Goalieboy picked out some Hexbugs and accessories.  Little Bee got this Tea Cup Piggie and accessories.  After that he treated them to the lunch of their choice...Taco Bell.  That day was a huge hit!  They really loved having special time alone time with him.  He said they were very well behaved.  I was proud and impressed, to say the least.

After they left on Wednesday we treated ourselves to another afternoon at the lake with friends.  It was perfect.  Unfortunately, I think we all got a little burned even though I slathered us with sunblock numerous times.  Poor Little Bee felt sick late this afternoon.  I think she might have caught something while swimming.  She had a low grade fever, stuffy nose, headache and sore throat.  I gave her some meds and put her to bed early tonight.  Hopefully she feels better tomorrow  (today actually).  We are definitely going to chill after the busyness of the past week and a half. 

Thankfully, come Saturday my hubby is on vacation.  I'm still not sure what we're doing.  But I do know this...we're definitely going to enjoy being together as a family!  I hope we'll have time to relax a bit together too.

So, I'm extremely THANKFUL and grateful it's FINALLY FRIDAY!  Happy FANTABULOUS Friday everyone!

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