Friday, August 05, 2011

Fantabulous Friday!

So happy that Friday is finally here! Happy Fantabulous Friday everyone! Here's a list of fantabulous happenings from my week:

1. My brothers are here for a ten day visit!

2. My son had a great two day goalie clinic. He's learning a lot.

3. My stepdaughter has moved in with us for the month of August.

4. We had a fantastic picnic at the park yesterday complete with skipping rocks in the pond.

Little Bee is looking for rocks to skip.  Seriously, but I swear she is ready to dive in.

5. Relaxing pool playdate with a mommy friend. I love those because the kids play great together and I can kick back and chat with no worries.

6. Fun times at gymnastics with my girl.

7. Spending the day at Balloon Fest with the family. Even if it was too hot and I wanted to pass out.

8. Stopping at my favorite grocery store (Wegmans) on the way back and shopping. I love this store and we try to include it in a trip at least three or four times a year.

9. At the lake today enjoying fun in the sun! Kids are playing in the sand and swimming. Perfect family day minus daddy. I wish he could be here.

Perfect day for a day at the lake.  Look at those gorgeous clouds.

10.  Tonight we're dong movie night.  A couple DVDs, popcorn and ice cream.  Yum!

I hope you're all having a fantabulous Friday too!

What did you do this week?


Asperger_Mom (Chi Yon) said...

That sure looks like a full list. Love the last pic. I know, I have the beach, but looks like you are having all the fun...give me some.

Have a good weekend...

Anonymous said...

I love play dates where the kids actually play and we get to rest! We also had a nice week full of play, crafts, and reading.

Have a good weekend.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

@Chi Yon Thank you! I'm sending some fun your way! We should be having 4 straight days of rain here so I'm going to get really creative keeping them busy now. lol

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

@Carolyn I was wonderful! I love seeing all the kids getting along. It was the perfect afternoon for us all. Even my 17 yr old who spent most of the time sunbathing and listening to music on her ipod.
Glad you had a nice week too. My weekend will be full of crafts I think with all the rain we're supposed to gert.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

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