Sunday, February 13, 2011

Too much quiet isn't always a good thing

The house has been errily quiet since 7:45 tonight. Why you may ask? Us moms pray and dance to the gods for nights like this. However, when we get that rate gift we don't know what to do with it.
Little Bee went over a friends house at 4:30 to sleep over. It's 3 houses down the street. At 6 she claims to be a master overnight guest and can recount every sleepover she's had since October.
The house definitely got a bit quieter when she left because my son had no one to torment. Or so it seemed. My stepdaughter, Kay, is over this weekend so he dogged her nonstop. It's sweet for the most part but can become annoying as he follows you up to the bathroom or drapes his 80+ lb body over you while watching tv.
Grandma invited him to sleepover since grandpa is working overnight. So he headed over there before 8. This after refusing to go upstairs to use the bathroom because he was suddenly afraid of ghosts. I guess grandma had Ghost Hunters in earlier when he stopped in after hockey. We were ready to push him out the door. My patents live next door to us, so it's easy. We were longing for peace and quiet.
We chowed down on the chocolate chip cookies I made and watched Wedding Crashers. Then it just got quiet as Kay decided to go upstairs and Skype with some of her girlfriends. It's too quiet here. It is after midnight, but usually the boy is in his bedroom next to ours tossing about and mumbling. He is a very restless sleeper.
I'll have to make due with the dinging of the heating vents or I'll never go to sleep. I'm beat and tomorrow (well, actually later this morning) is a big day in our house. Little Bee is skating in her first competition. Wish her luck (and mommy 7 hrs of good sleep!).
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The Animated Woman. said...

Good luck to Little Bee tomorrow! Now turn off the screen, shut your eyes and go to sleep.

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Thank you! See did really well. I'm so proud of her. Too bad I was exhausted from lack of sleep. But, I'm a big girl. lol