Friday, February 18, 2011

My body is falling piece at a time

Sitting in a chair once more at PT. This is the end of week 2 of 8 weeks. As my Twitter followers know...I threw my back out in late January from just coughing. Originally, I hurt my lower back at work back in July of 2009. I was lifting heavy boxes and compensating for my neck/shoulder injury a few years back. BAM! The back seized up and the rest is history.
I re-aggravated the neck/shoulder in October of 2009. Once again, I was working. I couldn't seem to catch a break. I started PT and was doing it fairly consistently until August 2010. At that point I was cut off and I've been making due. Then with that fateful sneeze I laid myself up for 4 days and a trip to my doctors.
So far, the PT on my back seems to be helping. Unfortunately, it has aggravated the neck. We're trying to put as little stress on it as possible. I had PT Wednesday morning. That night my neck/shoulder were tight and I had a horrible tension headache. Headache is gone now but the tension is still there. Praying they don't torture me too much today. I don't want another tension headache and the additional pain that comes.
Update:  Yep, I was tortured.  We agreed to adjust the one exercise that is similar to a push up with a hold count of 10 seconds.  It puts too much stress on my neck.  But there is now added torture.  I have to get up on all fours with my back like a table.  I have to alternate raising my left arm out in front of me and then the right.  10 times each.  Then the same with each legs.  If that isn't bad enough the final one is where I where I stretch out the right arm and the  left leg at the same time and then alternate it with the opposite....10 times each.  Oh the torture of it. The good news is that I didn't feel like I was straining the neck area as much. 
The major torture came when my therapist did this really light pinch/roll across my lower back.  It shouldn't hurt.  I'm so tight it felt like he was either pinching my with all  his might or giving me shots with a needle.  Thank goodness we have a good relationship because I told him numerous time that I hated him and that he was taking pleasure in my pain.  He knows I wasn't serious, but damn that hurt a lot! He says it's really tense.  It does feel looser since his torture.  Now I have to drink lots and lots of water he said because he released something in my skin and I'll dehydrate easy.  So, I'm on my third glass of water. 
Hoping next week brings less torture.

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