Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy "Me" time

Hallelujah, my dad took the kids for a few hours and gave me my sanity temporarily back.  My dad may drive me nuts but for this I thank him from the bottom of my heart.  He said he misses the little monsters.  He hasn't seen them much this winter even though him and my mom live next door.  There's been various colds and viruses around and I didn't want the kids over there catching them.  Long story short....my mom is always sick.  She doesn't take care of herself, never leaves the house and is a slob disorganized mess.  She's the opposite of my father in many ways.  Plus she smokes.  The house reeks of it and she claims to smoke "outside".  That's what she calls opening the door a crack and puffing out it.  Ok, enough of my ranting and back to the subject at hand.  SANITY!  Mine to be exact.
Grandpa is taking the kids out to see the movie Gnomio and Juliet.  He wanted to take them last week after school one day but I had to put my foot down.  As nice as the quiet would've been I would've been paying for it after with a rushed dinner, showers and homework.  So not worth it.  My kids know how to get him to spoil them too.  He'll be treating them to popcorn and soda.  I try to limit soda in the house and my popcorn is the lite version.  They will be in heaven.
There are so many things I could do with these few hours but I'm going to keep it simple.  I just had a nice, relaxing soak in the tub while reading Kate White's "Hush".  I put on clean pjs and I'm relaxing here at the computer.  I have a bottle of water and a plate of nice red, juicy strawberries at my disposal.  the news is on low so I can listen to anything that catches my interest.  I'm blocking out all the war and violent stuff.   It just depresses me and I chose not to hear it right now.
In a bit I'll make myself a light lunch, meal plan for the rest of the week since the last two days were too hectic and maybe (just maybe) start laundry and do the dishes.  I could pass on both items but I'm all out of comfy pants and I hate looking at dirty dishes (since my dishwasher has been broke for almost 2 yrs).
But for now, I'm just going to kick back and relax.  A nap, while tempting, isn't on the agenda because I want to be awake to enjoy the serenity of it all.
Jealous, aren't you?!

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Hungrigyrl said...

YES!! Almost sounds like a spa day with the bath, radio, bottle of water and strawberries!