Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Weekend Away

For the Columbus Day weekend we went on to visit my brother in Buffalo. 

Being originally from the Western New York area, I am an avid hockey fan and love the Buffalo Sabres.  We spent part of Saturday at First Niagara Center.  The Sabres were actually playing overseas in Germany. The team broadcast the game on the jumbo tron at the Center.  My son was so excited to be able to see a game there, even if it wasn't live.  I'm hoping we can get him to an actual game sometime this season.

Being a goalie, my son loves this work of art.

Buffalo Sabres fans truly do live hockey.  We definitely do in our household.

The kids enjoyed meeting the Sabres mascot, Sabretooth. 

We walked around the Buffalo Waterfront enjoying a beautiful 80 degree fall day.

Sunday the girls spent the afternoon at The Great Pumpkin Patch in Clarence, NY while the guys watched football.

The petting farm was a huge hit!

Amazing pumpkin carving!

Another piece of pumpkin art!

Wow, over 1,600 lbs of pumpkin!

View from the car ride home.

Windmills in the fields.  My kids found them mesmerizing.

The weekend flew by way too quick. We tried to do as much as we could in a 48 hour period.  Late Friday night we feasted on traditional Friday Fish Fry and chicken finger subs.  Saturday morning included a trip to a local Tim Hortons for delicious coffee and bagels.  How I miss Timmy's!!!  Saturday night we had pizza and wings.  I always associate Buffalo with a variety of amazing food choices.  We weren't able to hit every place so I have a to do food list for next visit...Ted's Hot dogs, Mighty Taco and Beef on Weck (hold the weck) just to name a few.  I did pick up some sponge candy and I have it stashed away until I have a major sugar craving.  I may share it if the kids ask nicely.

It was wonderful spending time with my family and seeing my brother.  It was tough spending the first night at my brother's place because he has a one bedroom apartment.  We stretched out on air mattresses which screwed up my neck and back.  The hotel we stayed at was good but it was hard having 5 people in a room with only a king bed and pull out couch.  Little Bee shared the bed with hubby and I.  She's a bed hog so I didn't sleep too well.  I was ecstatic to come home and sleep in my own bed Monday night.

I'm sad it was over so quickly.  I'm looking forward to another visit soon!!

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