Monday, February 06, 2012

Tax Time is a Time Suck (and the Inner Circle of Hell)

Like good americans, my husband and I, called our local H&R Block and scheduled a time to come in and do our taxes.

When I was single I use to do my own State and Federal taxes. For the most part it was easy. The federal rarely gave me a problem . The state a minor nightmare, but bearable.

Once my husband and I got married we started using a tax service because at the time we both had worked in 2 states and he had several W-4 forms.  It was easier and saved me from pulling out my hair.

Today hubby called at 1:30 and made a 5:15 appointment. We showed up, kids in tow at 5:10. The kids were prepared. They brought stuff to keep them busy. They knew the consequences if they didn't behave appropriately. 5:15 came and went, as did 5:45 and 6:00. The kids were being patient playing Uno and getting along. At 6:10 hubby said we would leave at 6:15 if we weren't seen. I was beyond annoyed.  Don't schedule an appointment if you can't actually see the person/people close to that time. The preparer came out at 6:13, in the nick of time.

You would think I would be grateful but I was annoyed. No apology was made. He actually had the gall to ask us if we had an easy return. Then when we told him no he turned to the other person waiting ( one that came in only 10 minutes before he came out) and asked her the same question. I saw red. Thank goodness she said no too. He actually said, oh I would taken care of you really quick first. Wth?!!!  Very unprofessional.

I'm done. I've had it.  I plan on calling tomorrow and speaking with the branch manager. That is poor customer service and unacceptable. I've worked the majority of my working life in customer service and I would never have handled a situation that way. We will not be using H&R Block next year.

And those  well behaved, patient kids are now crazy bored and getting under mine and each others skin.   I've officially lost my patience. 

****Oh, and to top it off we filed an injurd spouse form last year.  We received the federal monies but never the state. We signed and paid for both forms. When we inquired about we got no answer. He'll be asking his boss about it tomorrow .  What a joke.

H&R Block and tax time is what I imagine hell to be.

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~Mistee~ said...

That is unacceptable service! Sorry you had a bad experience. I would boycott too!