Friday, February 10, 2012

Mom Jobs (aka The Things We Do For Our Kids)

Here's a (partial) list of jobs moms do, day in and day out, from birth to the teenage years and beyond.

-  Butt Wiper
-  Nose Blower
-  Boo Boo Kisser
-  Tear Dryer
-  Housekeeper & Maid
-  Cook
-  Dish Washer
-  Teacher
-  Homework Helper
-  Dispute Manager/Peacekeeper
-  Entertainer (Movies, Books, Games  Etc)
-  Chauffeur
-  Stylist (Hair & Clothes)
-  ATM/Money Maker
-  Cheerleader
-  Negotiator
-  Event Coordinator/Social Calendar
-  Alarm Clock
-  Nurse
-  Problem Solver
- Advice Giver
-  Listener

Where do we pick up our paycheck?

These jobs change and evolve as children get older.  Many stay around way past their expiration.  It's a tiring, often thankless job but someone needs to do it.

I'm happy and proud to be a mom.  Though through it all though there are definitely days I question it and my abilities.  I wouldn't change it for anything. My children mean the world to me. 

What mom jobs would you add?  What ones do you enjoy and which ones could you totally do without?

I LOVE bring my kids biggest cheerleader whether it be on the sidelines of a sport/ activity or in school. Being their chauffeur and maid, not so much.


Hungrigyrl said...

I love being a mom. I hate that I have to work full time and am away from them so much! You sound like such a good mother. :)

trendymomreviews said...

Found your blog on CM and am now following! If you want to follow back:

Mommy's Juggling Act said...

Thanks! It's not easy but I try.