Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally Some Snow!


We've barely had any snow since #snowtober and I can say I'm very happy about that.  The weather gurus have been going back and forth on how much snow/rain this system would drop here.  At last check we have about 3 inches.  It's suppose to change to over to sleet and freezing rain just in time for the evening commute.  Hoping the hubby can make it home from work.  His commute is usually an hour.

Most of the school around us either closed or announced early dismissal before 9 a.m.  Our school district waited until almost 10.  My kids were not realeased from school until noon when the snow was falling rapidly and the roads were not plowed or salted.  The roads by the school were slick and messy at pick up.  I'm so glad my kids are not bussers. They are home safe and sound and enjoying all the snow out back now that lunch and homework are done.  Oh to be a kid again!

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vanita said...

You've got snow? All I've got is blah rain