Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cupcakes Galore! What a Perfect Mommy & Daughter Day!

I had originally planned to post about the wonderful day my daughter and I had at the Cupcake Festival on Sunday but life got in the way.  You can read about that here...Coping with Life. Today's a new day, bright and shiny (even if it is pouring rain outside).  I am now ready to share with you a perfect Mommy/Daughter moment.
Sunday started out perfect.  The guys were gone for the weekend and my precious little girl and I were able to relax and sleep in.  My father invited us over for breakfast around 10...pancakes, sausage and bacon.  How much more perfect can it get?  I didn't have to cook it myself.  Pretty perfect I'd say.
The day was overcast but not too hot and not cold.  The ground was still damp from the overnight rain but it wasn't muddy.  I quickly debated with myself if we should drive to the Cupcake Festival.  I was worried it would pour and we'd be puddle hopping and shivering all day.  I decided, what the heck. We only live once and this is special one on one time with my girl.
We drove towards the mountains and delighted in the view of the foggy patches covering it.  We played games describing what the fog shapes looked like.  It was quiet and peaceful, like we were in our own little bubble.  After getting turned around a bit we found the festival site and parked.  It was still early and I can say looking back that I'm glad we got there when we did.  As we left a few hours later there were lines of cars everywhere trying to get in.  The threat of rain I'm sure kept many away but it was packed none the less.

This is the view from the less packed end of the Festival.  This was only a half hour after it began.  The middle and other end was mobbed.

 They had tents over all the vendors and tables to eat at. Perfect idea for rain or shine. They provided cover for everyone and the food. It drizzled a bit while we were there and we enjoyed our cupcakes under the tent.
I love the tent backdrops in the tents to sit and munch in. This one says "Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake". Thank you very much, Don't mind if I do! The table cloths were bright and pretty and each table had a pail and shovel center piece. I think they could have done without the center pieces, but that's just my opinion. They were cute.

My daughter was in heaven at the very first table we came to.  She awed and oh ed over each amazing cupcake.  Who knew that they could be decorated in so many creative and fun ways.  I was in awe too.  These cakes were masterpieces.  I could tell by the detail work that each one took awhile to create and love was put into them all.  My precious Bee knew exactly which one she wanted.  I was surprised it didn't take her hours to choose it.  She was disappointed when I told her we had to walk the whole festival before we came back and bought it.  I did that because I thought for certain she would change her mind.  I was wrong.

Here are just some of their creations

Absolutely perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.  I am in inspired looking at them.  Can't wait to get creative for my daughter's birthday cupcakes.

This is the one my daughter picked out.  Look at the details.  I love the bug eyed looked.  That's the first part my daughter ate...the eyes!

She slowly worked her way through the icing.  It took her all day to eat it.  We brought it home and she finally finished it off after dinner.

Told you the poor thing was eyeless.  And now the head is gone. Guess he doesn't have to worry about his eyes anymore. Poor headless frog. My daughter the cannibal. She laughed the whole time. It was such a delight.

Here are some other fabulous cupcakes

These are some we bought.

Cupcakes were priced between $3-$5.  The fantastic more intricate ones like my daughter chose were $4.  The average price was $3.  It was my little splurge.  There were also mini cupcakes and cake pops for $2-$2.50.  I spent $15 between the cupcakes and the bouncy house. 
This was the first time we went to the festival and it was their third.  I think the town did a wonderful job in preparing and accommodating everyone.  This is a small town and from what I hear the festival is growing in leaps and bounds every year.  They have a bandstand, amature cupcake contest, face painting and bouncy houses.  Most of the main street retailers were open and selling their wares.  It had a great small town, community feel to it.  The vendors were wonderful.  They took time to answer your questions and were personable.  It's those qualities that will bring me back next year rain or shine.  I will be going early because I heard that though the event ran until 5 all the cupcakes were gone by 2:30 and that was with overcast skies in the morning and rain in the afternoon.


Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

the cupcakes are beautiful. so detailed. i could just see me in a sugar coma after od'ing on everything i just saw. :(

Liz said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe the details on those cupcakes! And how long must that have taken? I don't know that I'd be able to eat any of those, I'd just stare at them in awe.

Looks like you girls had a good time, I'm definitely a little jealous :)

R said...

that looks AMAZING!!! glad you had a nice relaxing, fun GIRLS day!! and now I need to go find some cupcakes!! mmmmm!! :) thanks for sharing!!