Friday, December 31, 2010

I don't do Resolutions

I don't do resolutions because I feel like it sets me up for failure.  Too much performance pressure!  However, I do believe it making a decision to attempt to make lifestyle changes small steps at a time.
My biggest area of opportunity is patience with my family.  I don't have nearly enough of it.  And I think it rubs off on my children because they don't have patience with me or each other. 
Not quite sure how to accomplish this yet. I'm going to try to stop and breath before I open my mouth or react.  I'm going to try to walk away when I can.  I was a much a much calmer level headed person before my youngest was born.  I'm truly unhappy with how I automatically react to stressful situations at home.  My heart races and I automatically get annoyed, like someone is intentionally trying to push my buttons and irritate me.  And who knows, maybe sometimes they are.  But, I am in control of myself and how I choose to react. 
So, change starts slowly, one step at a time tomorrow.  Breathe...1,2,3...  Wish me luck.  I can use all the support I can to help me be a better person and mom!
(Good thing I'm starting tomorrow because the kids are arguing and my 8 yr old is grumpy and overtired...thank goodness midnight is only an hour and 6 minutes away!)

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