Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Ice Show

My kids skated in their ice rinks annual holiday show last night.  I was so nervous for my daughter because it was her first and she tends to be shy about performing in front of people.
She got a nice surprise from my stepdaughter.  She bought her a cute little purse and a wallet and gave her some makeup to wear during the show.  Bless my SD because she is so good with the kids and my heart melted when she presented DD with these gifts.  She helped DD shower and get ready.  DS is an old pro at this so he was dressed and ready hours before hand.  It's easy when you're a hockey player.  They put on their favorite jersey, helmet and skates and their good to go.
DS skated with some of his fellow teammates to the song Shout and Bad to the Bone.  It was great! Some of it was choreographed and the rest was a mini game with Santa.  Too cute.  I loved the part at the end where they were jamming with Santa.  It had the audience laughing!
DD skated two right after the other.  She nailed it!  I was so happy for her.  She overcame her stage fright.  She told me she wasn't really even that nervous.  Now she's looking forward to signing up to do a skating competition.  I figure, if she can get through a holiday show with a bigger audience than what the competition brings in then she's good to go. top the night off DD lost her first tooth while we were out for pizza after the show!  Yippee!!!  That tooth has been loose for at least 6 weeks now.  One of her skating coaches told her not to loose it on the ice or the Zamboni would eat it up and then the tooth fairy would give it the money.  That made me laugh so hard!  I tell you though, it kept DD from playing with it during the show because we were so worried she would actually loose it while she was skating!  The tooth fairy was very generous since it was her first tooth and gave her $10.

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