Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Savy Shopper

I have to say that my little 5 year is becoming a very discriminte and savy shopper.  Take today's shopping trip for sneakers.  She knew right away that she did not want go to just one store and did not want to buy the first pair of shoes she liked.  Whoa!  Good for her.  Most kids want instant gratification and pick the first thing they like without thinking too much about their choices. 
She knew that these sneakers were replacing her everyday ones.  She commented to me that she needed to pick the right one.  I was amazed when she told me they had to hold up to her playing in them all day and running around during gym and recess.  She wanted them to look good even if they were a few months old. 
We looked in two stores and at least 2 dozen sneakers before deciding.  She chose the first store we went to and told me she was not getting white ones even though some were so cute because she knew they would look dirty and old within a few days.  Good thought.  I was more than happy to support that decision.  I was also proud that she made her choice based on look, durability and comfort.  She liked a pair of Wizards ones but decided against them because one of her girlfriends had it.  At first, she was like, I want the same ones but after careful thought she went for something different.  She wanted to be unique.  I love it!
That's my girl!

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