Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It could have been very traumantic

Yesterday my daughter had a bad experience at school.  It could have been very traumatic.  However, it was handled just the right way by her para, teachers and principal.  I'm so thankful.
Here's what happened....
I'm attempting a small nap before I have to be at the school for parent buddy reading for my son's class.  It's a little after 1:30 and my phone rings.  I almost ignored it but a quick glance told me it was the school calling.  My first thought was that it was the nurse calling...I seem to here from her a few times a month.  So upon picking it up and readied to hear about something that happened in gym class or recess and wondering which child it happened to this time.  Boy was I wrong.  It took me a moment to realize I was not speaking to the nurse but to the principal.  That cleared the cobwebs really quick.  Sad, isn't it that I don't worry so much about the nurse's calls.  It's always a minor bump, tummy or ear ache that can be handled rather easily and as I've said, those calls have become almost common place.  But no, it was the principal and I was instantly alert and assuming it had to do with my son.  Not because he's a bad boy but because he's older and more likely to get in some kind of minor trouble, not that he's ever been to the Principal's office before.  He knows that would be the end of his life as he knows it.  No the call was about my daughter....feisty, sweet, delicate DD. 
This information made me even more alert, if possible.  She told me that she wanted to let me know about a situation that happened during lunch.  One of her male classmates crawled under the table and grabbed her private area.  The child was dealt with by the principal.  She said she spoke with my DD and she is okay.  She had the para bring her into her office and sit with her while she talked with her.  She wanted to make sure she was alright and not traumatized.  Her feeling was that she was initially traumatized by the fact that she had to go to the Principal's office to speak with her.  She was so scared that she was in trouble.  The principal did a good job in letting her know that she didn't do anything wrong and that she was concerned about what happened.  We both agreed she should stay in school so that she could go about her normal routine, especially since she seemed okay.
I picked her up less than 2 hours later and she seemed fine.  We waited to talk about it until my son was up in his room doing his homework.  I felt it would be more comfortable for her to talk about it with me in private.  So, we snuggled up on the couch and had a chat.  She told me she didn't know why he went under the table and did it.  She said he squeezed her hard and it hurt so she started crying.  She said he also did it to the boy next to her but not so hard and he didn't say anything.  Her para came over to find out what was wrong when she saw her crying.  She handled it so good.  I think what hurt her most is that it was one of her friends that did it.  This boy has had a crush on her since at least January and for a while she had a crush on him too.  They still make each other cute pictures and play together while we wait for my son to get out of class (they release the kg kids first at a different door).  I think she's confused on why he would do that to her and I have a feeling she's going to ask him why point blank today.  She's that kind of girl.  I think it would've been a lot more traumatic if it had been someone who wasn't a friend and if the para and principal had handled it differently.  I'm so thankful.
I waited until after the kids had gone to bed to tell my husband about it.  I was so worried he'd freak out.  I'm still amazed at how calm he was.  He put it in perspective and understood it was an immature 5 year old that was dealt with afterwards.  So, hopefully this is the end of that and life moves on easily.  I'm glad we've had the no touching talk with our children and they understand that no one can touch them their and they need to tell someone. It was all handled well.

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