Sunday, April 17, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly. *Week in Review*

*Family days are the best, especially when everyone gets along.

*Physical Therapy can make a difference. I'm going to miss going.

*Hell has frozen over. I walked into the Orthopaedic office and it was nearly empty. I was in a room in 5 minutes and back in my car in 29.

*My Dr is human and has a heart.

*Pecan apple chicken salad at Wendy's is yummy. The fail was they were out of pecans.

*Outrageous gas prices over $4 now.

*Comp lady at Drs office is nice and efficient. Called me right away and had the needed paperwork ready and waiting for me to pick up.

*We had an 80 degree day. Let kids play before dinner and homework. Then it poured cats and dogs.

*Cold, rainy days with temps just above freezing. Thankful for no snow.

*New hit dinner...tostadas with beans, cheese, lettuce and sour cream.

*No major fights with homework. Feel like I won a huge battle there.

*Kids got good report cards. This is easy for my daughter, not so much my son. So proud.

*Son is learning that focusing and hard work pay off. I think teachers may finally get him. It's about darn time.

*Son picked up his hearing aid Friday. Wish him luck. He's nervous as heck but excited at how much better he's hearing.

*Fail, audiologist being on vacation next week so we have to wait on minor aid adjustments. We'll live though.

***Overall it was a great week. I know the rain brings flowers and sunshine will come to stay more often as the days get longer. My son's teachers are listening to me and he is making improvements because of the adjustments I've suggested. The audiologist was nice enough to give us a loaner aid for 3 months while we continue to search out financial aid options. I would definitely say that the good outweighed the bad this week. I feel blessed.
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